The Say NO Seven July 13 at 8:22 PM · ⚠🐦 Is the CDC a test pilot for a full scale run on economic freedoms in Australia? You decide.

We were going to send this out privately however we felt it was important enough to get this out there now as we know many are still writing submissions….

We have a point to note for all of the sub writers out there at this time. An issue has revealed itself within the expansion legislation that we feel you need to be aware of and may want to include in your arguments, that is the issue of digital currency as an inclusion on the prohibited list.

Wait…Before you think ’ oh that digital thing. I dont use wont effect me’ think again..and again…please.

This amendment is bad not just because it ‘prohibits’ those on trials from making use of digital currencies, it is evil because it REMOVES OUR RIGHT TO CHOSE HOW WE WILL TRANSACT AT ALL and forces us to transact ONLY with banking insitutions and those institutions empowered by government.

This amendment is a significant power grab!

We’ve told people from begining we would yell out TRUCK! if we saw legislative skullduggery going on and thats all we can do here and now, yell TRUCK! IS! COMING! and hope to god people move out of the way or try and stop it.

If this amendment passes, we have no doubt it will be later used to exclude all Australians who have committed no crime, from exercising basic economic freedoms and will be used not only to shore up the failing centralised banking sector, it will block access to all evolutionary financial platforms and all the choices that go with that. It’s effectively closing the gate on a prison. It’s one step further to the totaltarian state and it wider implications are massive - whether people can comprehend them yet or not.

The LNP are intentionally using the CDC legislation process, to make significant changes to the laws that govern the WAY people transact in Australia, sneaking politically expedient economic ‘reforms’ in the back door - reforms that would otherwise be feircely challenged in the parliament, press and in wider public debate.

Depending solely on the pretext called into play, this legislation, inclusive of this amendment, could at any time be used as ‘precedent’ and expanded to force all non banking currency and trade/exchange forms nation wide through the 4 big banks doors and put an end to actual free and alternate trade. So..yeah. It’s a big deal.

We know the people behind the CDC legislation work incrementally so they don’t ‘scare the sheep’ so to speak, so any wider application or implementation of this restrictive policy would be a fair way off, however it is enough to say that if this amendment is approved, it will set a massive precedent down in law, empowering government to seize control over all currency exhanges in Australia; That’snot just bitcoin either, its every digital currency and means of credit exchange, and could even include ‘currency’ exchanges such as Barter.

As it stands now, on any political whim, under any well massaged pretext, this force may at any time be applied to expand this policy to include ‘other’ groups, and eventualy, impact everyone in Australia be they social security recipient or not. It is a protectionist policy…worse, it we feel, the closeted IPA agenda in action.

It is clear by the manner of this amendments inclusion, meaning, the way it has been added to this CDC Bill rather than others before it or added to a Finance or Economic Bill, that government is trying to avoid wider scruinty of this policy. They are not even trying to guage public reaction, prefering not to highlight this amendment at all. So this issue we feel, is very much about precedent setting for the future. Increasing Governments powers.

Adding this amendment to this Bill ensures focus on this potentially macro-economic amendment is minimal, they ensure it is largely ignored by the wider audience, and even for those who are invested in this struggle, most are so focused on the location expansion issue not the programs financial SCOPE expansion, they havent stopped to think that that this amendment is part of a wider LNP economic agenda.

We see that they are doing more than just controlling social security recpients, or even simply trying to protect the banks from digital economies - they are using the distraction of social security systems breakdown and our national social problems to lay the legislative frame and ground work for wider economic sanctions and restictions - setting the legal precedent for aggressive economic policies that needed a foothold and foundation in law.

So please..think and read and read and think and if you an, add something to your sub about you feel about this too!

Excerpt from our draft submission ( guide only, may not be submitted as is):

“ In terms of real world impact and effect, this amendment will firstly segregate people in receipt of Social Security payments from access to the global crypto-currency economic marketplace and in doing so, it will exclude them from engaging within the currently booming non banking sector jobs market and online dedicated career networks. This will limit peoples employment options, especially within the under 36 yr old age bracket. This is contrary to the stated aims of the CDCT and the goals of this governments ‘welfare to work’ principles.

Most importantly, this amendment if applied will remove the individual right to choice in currency transacting entirely, a completely different intention and premise, leaving individuals solely dependant on banking groups and specifically government authorised institutions such as Indue Ltd.

Far beyond simple mission creep, this amendment is then a critical issue for all Australians as it changes the entire nature of the Cashless Debit Card legislation from being one of simple cash restriction for social security recipients, into one of wholesale economic segregation and limitation based on nothing more than economic and social class.

If approved, and in setting this precedent - legally justifying the removal the economic right of “some” individuals to transact freely in the marketplace in manner of their own choosing - the leap to that power one day expanding to include “all” people is one step closer.

This legislative slight of hand and obvious unchecked mission creep - an expansion within expansion - is simply unacceptable.

This entire legislation has transformed from one that held focus on the issue of social welfare, into a full scale assault upon the economic rights of taxpaying Australian citizens as a whole. It is a clear advancement of the cause of economic protectionism.”

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