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“Computer addiction is an obsessive addiction to computer use. The term was used by M. Shotton in 1989 in her book Computer Addiction, although the concept was discussed years earlier with British E-Learning academic Nicholas Rushby. In his 1979 book, An Introduction to Educational Computing, Rushby suggested that people can be addicted to computers and suffer withdrawal symptoms. There are also examples of obsessive recreational users dating back to the first release of computer games, and many NetNews users were considered obsessive in the 1980s.”

“A variation of computer addiction is the proposed Internet addiction disorder, which suggests that people can not only be addicted to an object, such as a computer, but also an environment, i.e. the Internet.”

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Do the test and see if you addicted.. I scored.. um.. never mind..

“Okay, I admit it. I’m a computer addict. Personally, I don’t think this is a problem. I view it as more of a personality trait. Nevertheless, the hours I’m awake in my apartment and the hours during the day that my computer is on are roughly equal. And so when the university I work for announced it was having a lunch time seminar about computer addiction, my curiosity was piqued.

Granted, I didn’t really want to attend. After all, it was being held during my lunch hour when I normally surf the net. I’m too busy then to go to some stupid computer addiction seminar. I’ve got web sites to check out and e-mail to send. But then I thought about the bigger picture. Maybe the seminar would be good for me, I thought. Maybe I could learn how to depend less on my computer. And, hey, I could always goof off later in the day and surf the net then.”

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