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Aussie Broadband: Offer the best priced Sat plans I can find. Each plan INCLUDES data shaping. This means that you will never get a bill for excess data usage. Once you exceed your plans data allowance. Your connection speed will become “shaped” to dialup (around 64 kbps) speed.

Dropouts and High Latency

The only problems with Sat are: Dropouts and high latency.

Because of the high cost for data on Sat. I personally only view this as a dialup alternative. If a dialup user took the $20 (or less - depending on specials) a month option.. They can get a minimum speed of 64 kbps. (once shaped) Thats double the speed of a rim exchange dialup connection. (like mine)

Can we do more than surf?

If my family were only surfing. I would consider Sat more closely. But there is also a certain amount of gaming that happens from this location. The high latency and dropouts of Sat scare me. (I dont want to die in my game all the time because of Sat dropouts and sluggish responses)

Email sent to Aussie Broadband


Problem is.. I havent got a printer.. So maybe you can send the forms the old way to my po box..

Its up to you.. If its too difficult.. Just forget it. Cos its sounding like a red tape jungle.

I dont think the slight improvement in data thruput sat offers, counterbalances the high latency. Im worried that everything apart from surfing is going to be worse than dialup.

My primary application is to operate hobby (http) servers.

Will sat technically allow this? Do your plans legally allow this?

If the government are happy to throw money at internet solutions that are basically obsolete..

Why didnt they support retaining ISDN? (A solution I would have gladly taken over high latency and almost telstra priced sat plans)

The big problem with the sat “deals” that I see is this:

If it is unworkable, If I find myself cursing sat.. I cant change my mind. There is no cooling off period. If I determine that the sat solution isn’t working. I’m stuck with it. Sure, I guess, I can elect not to use it.. (after the contract expires…) But what a shocking waste of my time and taxpayers money.

Unfortunately, I think this is my reality. I am no closer to a decent true broadband connection.

Look.. I’m unemployed single parent. I just cant afford a decent connection thru sat.. or wireless… DSL is my only affordable option.

If you think its worth “chasing” this sale. Your welcome to email me with any facts and data that you have relating to sat vs dialup performance.

But sat would have to be, a lot less expensive, a lot more reliable, have better data plans than 3gb, before I can justify it over the cost and performance of dialup.

The above link (this letter0 served from 31.2 kbps dialup. (Edit 2009: No longer)

If Im completely wrong.. Please, Set me straight..

I’m worried that the government will subsidise the sat now and justify to themselves that a solution has been found for me.

Im worried that if I take up sat now. That any future solution the government may offer will not be offered to me.

Original Email from Aussie Broadband

From: “Aussie Broadband” <> To: <> Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 11:33 AM Subject: Satellite Broadband - Important Information

> Dear Ronald
> Please find attached an important letter regarding your application for Satellite Broadband through .Aussie Broadband.
> Regards,
> .Aussie Broadband
> P: 1300 880 905


Standard brochure with Application form WAS received at my PO Box. But unfortunately no individual correspondance addressing the (above) issues I raised has so far been forthcoming.

Difficult to make decisions without information. So I will stay with dialup.

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