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Mostly, being an INFP, the thing that rings my chimes about "Western Democracy" (including Australia) is the obvious "FAIL" that corruption continues to brings to the table. A history of corruption exists in the law making process of most if not all Governments that have or do identify as Democratic nations. Australian Members of Parliament past and present also have a known history of corruption. There are just too many examples in our political past of how corrupted Politicians have done "deals" to get certain "concessions" passed into law. Nice easy passage through Parliament. Cleared along the way by beholden Politicians? Over and over. At all levels of Government. Since the whole system was inherited from the "British" and before. It seems to me that the whole system of "justice" needs a complete overhaul. Complete Overhaul. Starting with the democratic system itself. Should we allow political parties? I believe Political Parties are the means of corruption in the political system. Corporations mostly are the offenders. If we banned Political Parties, I believe we would get a system where MPs are only in Parliament to represent the will of their electorate. Nothing more. Nothing less. One MP. One Vote. None of this "Voting along `party lines` rubbish". In my perfect world.. Politicians pensions, salaries, and entitlements would be completely overhauled and massively reduced. With a brand new "Border Force" squad enabled for the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to assist them in investigating future Political candidates.

Fiasco`s and cover ups have always been the rule of the day in Australian Politics. Special concessions for 'sick old pals' who have been proven to break the laws of the country. But business as usual. Politics and the promotion of disinformation is a dirty business. In Australia, I see no real difference in the direction of travel that the two major political parties participate towards. I would like for Australians to wake up and stop re-electing the obviously corrupt choice that I believe ALP & LNP to represent. Only an Independent stands for their electorate. The problem is when not enough "good people" stand up to do the job of representation.

Seems I used to Blog a bit about the unfairness of city legislated laws on rural people. I do have to wonder when will our political leaders give more than just lip service to the needs for amendments to many of the city legislated laws. Rural living is more expensive right across the board. I believe there should be leeway granted to fines and penalties imposed on those living in rural areas.

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2016-11-14 Politics

Hello bloggy my old friend.. I’ve come to talk with you again.. (apologies to S&G)

What am I not seeing here? Can someone please tell me what I have got wrong with this flowchart? Because if this is correct.. Why the hell are people right wing voters?

Do you see how they use society against itself? We give them a voice so they may tear down our society for greed.

They have no interest in "helping people" they only care for economic gains.

We all know that sooner or later we die. Rich or poor we all have the same leveller.

How do the rich peacefully go to their graves knowing that their actions or inactions have caused the suffering of countless people over the years? Why do they continue with this ideology knowing full well that people suffer and die as a result?

Have they no morals? Have they no compassion? Have they no humanity?

The politicians who have determined it acceptable to represent this ideology should be all thrown in jail and their assets seized. IMO If you do the crime.. then do the time..

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2016-11-14 Federal Government of Australia

When the LNP are in Government. Services “break down” due to a lack of funding. This happens at almost every level of government.

The public mostly do not even realize this has happened. Unless they try to use the services that the government are supposed to provide.

Yesterday a scammer tried to call me on my mobile. I never answered. But I did google the number.

Seems this scammer has been quite active. Raising money for the Police in various states and federally.

So I decided to report the number to “Scamwatch” (a government initiative)

Initially I attempted to use their website. But once I “sent” the form. It went off into the ether and gave a blank screen with a 404 error. *sigh

So while wondering if this was their way out of avoiding investigating reports.. I called their national number.

And was placed in a que. “Due to a larger number of callers than usual”.. (where have I heard that before.. Sounds strangely familiar.. Ohh yeah.. Centrelink.. like every single time you call..)

So after 15 mins in their que.. I gave up.. and wondered how many others had traversed the same road before.. Only to give up in disgust..

LNP Government.. The Finest Corporate interests can buy!

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2016-11-14 Corporatocracy

Would at least 1 Million people march in every capital city each November the 5th? All wearing "The Mask" as a show of solidarity with the Anonymous movement?

That's a "take" for the silver screen.. Not today's reality... That's a "news report" on fox.. THAT IS THE END GAME!

There needs to be a lot more corruption exposed before "the people" will march in numbers like that.

The public are not stupid. They are simply misled by Corporate owned Main Stream Media.

The political agenda's of the owners of Main Steam Media need to be exposed to the public. The corruptions of the Corporations need to be exposed so as to lessen their influence further.

Anonymous slowly forces PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY onto governments with the sheer weight of opinion directed at politicians and corporations via social media.

The Corporations and the Corrupted need to understand once and for all. There is a new game in town. It is called the Internet. It has REPLACED your old Media control of the masses. You do not control it. Public opinion is the new democracy.

Did at least 1 million people march in each capital city on the 5th of November? Perhaps not in the streets. But on the internet?? That's another thing entirely. Yes. Social media was "abuzz" with Anonymous activity on the 5th of November.

The only thing the "authorities" can try and do now is SMEAR the Anonymous movement. I am personally surprised that the "authorities" haven't dressed up some terrorists in masks to attempt to have the whole movement declared "outlawed" yet.

(I am expecting it tho.. I even hesitated giving them the idea.. But it is so obvious they must be keeping it for the "end game".)

Remember: The symbols of freedom may change. But the goal is always the same and THAT is the thing that scares the shit out of the corrupted elite.

Have a great (anonymous) day.

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2016-07-28 Federal Government of Australia

IMO: The Youth Detention Royal Commission should include all Australian States and Territories

Brian Martin QC

Justice Martin made his mark as a jurist capable of handling large challenging cases.

The man chosen to head the royal commission into youth detention in the Northern Territory has an intimate understanding of the legal landscape of the Top End and a long history of dealing with high-profile court cases.

Terms of Reference

In a joint statement, Mr Turnbull and Attorney-General George Brandis said the inquiry would examine:

• Failings in the child protection and youth detention systems of the Government of the Northern Territory;

• The effectiveness of any oversight mechanisms and safeguards to ensure the treatment of detainees was appropriate;

• Cultural and management issues that may exist within the Northern Territory youth detention system;

• Whether the treatment of detainees breached laws or the detainees’ human rights; and

Whether more should have been done by the Government of the Northern Territory to take appropriate measures to prevent the re-occurrence of inappropriate treatment.

See: Brian Martin - (via ABC MSM)
See: Kwementyaye-Ryder: Facts (via
See: Kwementyaye-Ryder: Decision - (via The Australian MSM)
See: Alice Springs: Murder, Racism (via Guardian MSM)
See: Original Facebook Thread

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2016-07-15 Federal Government of Australia

Please take the time to read this post, it is very long but I really need you to do this.
Please take 5 minutes to read this man's story. I am not sure how clear this doctors report will be so I will write the contents here.

I am writing this in my capacity as a visiting medical officer, consultant physician in infectious diseases and hepatology.

This letter is to support Mr xxxxxxxhas end stage liver disease secondary to alcohol abuse and hepatitis C virus.

Clinically, this means his blood pressure is extremely low, he requires fluid draining from his abdomen at least weekly. His blood is unable to clot properly.

His liver and kidney function is getting worse. He requires close attention by doctors and nurses who are specialists in managing end stage liver disease.

Currently he has limited mobility and is likely to faint or pass out on minimal exertion.

Unfortunately, Mr xxxxxx is receiving maximal therapy for his conditions. The prognosis is extremely poor.

His life expectancy is measured in weeks, perhaps 2/3 months at most.

This letter was dated the 10th of June 2016 one month ago, his life expectancy is now 1/2 months.

This man was told yesterday by Wollongong Hospital that he would be discharged from hospital that day.

He was scared he would have no emergency accommodation after discharge. He was afraid of being sent to Sydney and “dying on the streets”.

He rang Wollongong Homeless Hub after being given the number by a social worker at the hospital. We had no idea the state he was in, and he was told to come to the Hub for support.

He walked to the Wollongong Homeless Hub from the hospital to seek assistance.

After an initial intake assessment: the support worker phoned the only men’s support service in the Wollongong, Shoalhaven area and was told they had no vacancies.

The Hub provided a toiletry pack and clothing including slippers. He told us that he did not feel well enough to be back on the streets so we drove him back to the hospital as he had not been officially discharged and still had the canular fitting attached.

The Hub then went and bought him pyjamas as he had none and took them up to the hospital about an hour later. We were then told he had been discharged and that he was going to Housing NSW One Place Coniston.

I was told the Social Worker had phoned and made this appointment for him.

I asked was he being transported to Coniston and was told no, but his belongings were being held for when he came back.

The Hub then phoned Housing NSW to follow up :just making this part clear (Housing NSW provided him with emergency accommodation for the night in a hotel and gave him a transport voucher to pick up belongings and go to the hotel. )

He had accommodation until 10am the next day - today- and then was to re-present at Housing today at 2pm. (where should a person in that physical condition go during that 4 hours ?)

The Hub then phoned Wollongong hospital and spoke with social worker advocating for him to be able to remain in the health system in hospital or pallative care.

We were told he had been assessed for pallative care but he did not meet the criteria as yet -but when he did he would be admitted. (How close to death do you have to be, to meet the criteria??)

This morning we attempted to phone him and could not make contact, we wanted to see if we could provide any support or transport to his meeting with Housing.

We then went to Housing at the time of his appointment and was told he was a no show. Housing phoned the Motel and he had checked at the required 10am, we then went to the hospital looking for him with no luck. We were very concerned for his welfare and phoned the police.

During this time another support worker from the Hub was continuing to phone him and managed to make contact he had left the area seeking assistance south of Wollongong and was back in another hospital as he required his stomach to be drained urgently. Less than 24 hours after being deemed fit for discharge.

He then was able to fill us in on what had happened since we dropped him at Wollongong Hospital yesterday;

The Hospital Social Worker made the appointment for housing and told him he was to present there, Housing required him to have a current bank statement and centrelink proof of income before they could assist him.

He walked to Centrelink and then the bank. Due to time restriction and his poor mobility he missed the bus- afraid of missing his chance of emergency accommodation appointment he then walked all the way to Coniston.

I am aware this post is long, and I thank you for perservering;

  • Share this post if you believe like us that as a society we need to do better:
  • Share if you believe we have to provide flexible service delivery in a humane manner:
  • Share if you believe everyone has the right to die with dignity:
  • Share if you would be horrified, if this was your brother, father, grand father or son:

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2016-05-28 Election 2016

Sex & Marijuana Parties To Share Joint Senate Tickets

A New Socially Progressive Coalition Emerges The Australian Sex Party and the Marijuana (HEMP) Party have reached an historic agreement to win seats at the coming federal election. The parties will share joint tickets in a number of states in an effort to win the last two Senate seats in each jurisdiction. Under the new Senate voting rules the last two seats in many states are an unknown quantity.

Details of the new coalition will be announced at the Sex/Marijuana (HEMP) Party Queensland Senate launch, this Sunday in Brisbane.

The new coalition will appeal strongly to voters with its socially progressive and economically prudent policies. The agreement would appear to be the first of its kind between minor parties in Australian politics and is in line with the urging of political commentators like Antony Green, following the new voting laws.

The parties will combine their resources and votes in Queensland, Tasmania, SA, WA, NT and the ACT. In NSW the parties will run separate tickets but will preference each other.
Australian Sex Party leader and Victorian Upper House member, Fiona Patten, said the arrangement created a new and exciting progressive coalition for Australia, that would give voters a real alternative to the dry and regressive policies of the three major parties.

‘The major parties have not delivered on so many important progressive social reforms and as a result, Australia looks like the Hermit Kingdom of the southern hemisphere”, she said. ‘Dying with dignity, marriage equality, legal medical Cannabis and legal recreational Cannabis have all had their advocates in the major parties but nothing has happened. The same is true for taxing the church, prison reform, standardised abortion laws, humane processing of asylum seekers and access to affordable legal aid”.

Ms Patten pointed to her record of getting socially progressive issues off the ground in Victoria since becoming a member of the Victorian Upper House in late 2014. ‘Progressive minor parties have a real ability to push the traditional parties forward. If elected to the Senate we will change Australia’s social environment to more like those of progressive European countries and the more progressive US states’, she said.

Marijuana (HEMP) Party spokesperson, Andrew Kavasilas said that Cannabis was the most widely used illicit drug in Australia. ‘We’re calling for a meaningful approach to medical Cannabis that addresses the concerns and needs of hundreds of thousands of Australians currently using it for medical purposes’ he said. ‘Successive governments have continually avoided our farmers as they called for hemp seed food approval to allow them to access international markets. We want to be involved in the political discussions about how Australia regulates and taxes an ongoing Cannabis industry worth a reported $5 billion a year.’

Almost half of all Australians have used Cannabis at some point. ‘The nation’s pot smokers want to be treated in the same way as the nation’s drinkers’, he said. ‘Responsible use within a legal, regulated framework would empty Australia’s jails and put billions of dollars into the economy as has happened in Colorado and other US states. If marijuana were to replace alcohol as the major social tonic in society, there would be less aggression on the streets, lower road tolls, less domestic violence, better sleeping patterns, more creative work output and less vomit on the streets’.

He also said that Marijuana (HEMP) Party supporters had pioneered medical Cannabis in Australia over 30 years ago and had brought the issue to the forefront of Australian politics. ‘The major parties will continue to stall on medical Cannabis even though they are all nodding their heads’ he said. ‘Like gay marriage and taxing religion they all know that the majority of people want it but they can’t let go of their old attitudes. If we are elected, the SEX/HEMP coalition will make them wake up to themselves in ways they would never have dreamed of’.

Fiona Patten said that she would be in attendance at the launch along with journalist, blogger and Board Member of the Rationalist Society of Australia, Hugh Harris. Also in attendance will be Sex Party lead Senate candidate, Robin Bristow, Marijuana (HEMP) Party candidate Michael Harding and Sex Party candidate, Kirsty Patten.

Launch of the SEX/HEMP Joint Ticket Campaign and Queensland Senate Campaign: Sunday, 29 May 2016 at 10:00 AM :Mantra Hotel – 161 Grey Street, Southbank, Brisbane.


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2016-05-27 Barnaby Joyce

Foreign-owned land register will not be made public despite transparency pledge

By regional affairs reporter Lucy Barbour Updated 30 Mar 2016, 3:21pm

Chinese bidder for Australian cattle empire defends investment in foreign farmland.

A new register of agricultural land will not be made public despite the Government’s promise to provide more transparency over foreign investment in Australian farms.

Register requires all foreign owners of Australian farmland to be registered with ATO

Organisation would be breaking tax laws if it published the entire register, ATO says

Labour’s Joel Fitzgibbon accused the Government of breaking election promise

The long-awaited register was established by the Coalition last year to allay concerns within the Australian community that the Government should have more oversight and information in relation to foreign ownership.

It requires all foreign owners of Australian farmland to be registered with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), and any new interests to be registered within 30 days of purchase.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) had expected the information in the register to be publicly available but the ABC can reveal the ATO will only release summaries occasionally, with its first report to the Government due in July.

Last September, Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce told the Parliament the register would be like a map of all properties “to see who owns what.”

A spokesperson for the ATO said the organisation would be breaking tax laws if it published the entire register.

“Due to confidentiality provisions in the tax act, the ATO is unable to comment on any individual’s or entity’s tax affairs,” the spokesperson told the ABC.

“This includes providing any detailed breakdown of interest in agricultural land, where a taxpayer may be identified, or their information made public.”

New South Wales Liberal senator Bill Heffernan said he was lobbying the Federal Treasurer to make the register public.

“This is an over-my-dead-body issue. We’re entitled to know who in God’s name is through the fence,” he said.

“And if the proposition from the tax office is that we’re not entitled to know who our neighbour is, then as far as I’m concerned, the Government’s going to have to change it.

“And the good news is that I’ve spoken to the Government and I’m putting forward the case and I think it’s being sympathetically heard.”

The NFF lobbied strongly for tougher scrutiny of foreign ownership and previously warned the Government it did not want to see “aggregation” in the register’s design.

“We know that there is business sensitivity around commercial investment so we wouldn’t want to compromise any of that, but the whole point of the register was to inform the debate,” NFF chief executive Tony Mahar told the ABC.

“If there’s aggregated data and it’s in a form that shows us what is happening, in regard to this issue, and allows a much more informed debate, then we’ll be happy.

“But if it’s aggregated data that actually doesn’t inform the debate and doesn’t allow an understanding of what’s happening, then we’d have some concerns.”

This is not what the Government promised: Opposition

Labor’s shadow agriculture minister Joel Fitzgibbon accused the Government of breaking an election promise.

“The whole idea of the register, first promised by Labor, was to ensure that all Australians, wherever they are, with the click of a mouse, could find out who is investing in what where,” he said.

“This is not what the Government promised.”

Mr Fitzgibbon said Labor would make the register public, if elected.

“Where there is a will there is a way,” he said.

“If the Government is determined the public should have information about who is investing in what [and] where, I’ve no doubt that’s a thing that’s capable of being done.”

The Deputy Prime Minister led the push for a register of foreign owned farmland and successfully lobbied the Abbott government to reduce the threshold for Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) scrutiny of private sector foreign purchases of agricultural land from $252 million to a cumulative total of $15 million.

A spokesperson for Mr Joyce said the design of the register was “absolutely consistent” with the Coalition’s promise prior to the 2013 election.

“[The July report] will be summarising the data trends in terms of overall level of foreign ownership of Australian agricultural land, and the main source countries,” the spokesperson said.


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2016-05-26 Election 2016

Independent Riverina candidate Richard Foley wants to hand power back to the people

A Wagga man is determined to hand democracy back to the people.

Independent candidate for the federal seat of the Riverina Richard Foley has come up with a bold plan to give constituents a voice in the parliament.

Mr Foley said our elected representatives should represent the people, not lead them.

If elected, he will work with experts to develop an app that will let residents have their say directly to their elected representative.

“The little people need to take the power back,” Mr Foley said.

“If I’m elected, I will work with (information technology) experts to develop a voting app.

“Through this use of technology, I hope to engage the public and help make the residents of Riverina the most politically involved electorate in Australia, and set an example for every other elected Member of Parliament to follow, if they dare to actually support real democracy.”

He also wants to stand up for youth issues, including the ice epidemic plaguing the country.
“The two major parties don’t offer a genuine choice,” Mr Foley said.

“Both leaders are a bit on the nose (to the generation population).”

The 47-year-old wants the next government to establish a national integrity body to hold all industries to account, not just a focus on unions.

The little people need to take the power back.

  • Independent candidate for Riverina Richard Foley

Mr Foley is against the increasing foreign ownership of land.

“I’m a single parent and I wonder what the future holds for my daughter.

“What are we going to leave for future generations?

“We’re selling off assets to pay off debt.

“There has to be another way.”

Mr Foley indicated he would not be asking voters to preference their votes to any of the other candidates.

“Vote for whoever you want,” he said.

Mr Foley is hoping for community support to fuel his campaign.

Anyone interested can go here to view Mr Foley’s policies.

Mr Foley has worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years – recently working on the Wagga Marketplace expansion.


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2016-05-26 Conspiracy, Fracking

ACCC gas report is nothing more than LNP propaganda

by Lachlan Barker 26 May 2016

Has another government-funded entity, the ACCC, fallen victim to the Abbott/Turnbull Government's bullying and in a similar abusive relationship to the ABC and CSIRO? Lachlan Barker investigates its propaganda-ridden report into the east coast gas market.

IN APRIL this year, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released a report into the east coast gas market, and those who read it were aghast to discover that the ACCC are now simply printing the Turnbull Government's gas propaganda.

The report concludes that the answer to any shortages of gas for Australian industry on the east coast is – surprise, surprise – lift any moratoriums on gas exploration in the eastern states, then to explore for, then produce, more coal seam gas (CSG).

So sad to see the ACCC agree to do this and, thus, I’m sorry to report that we – the Australian consumer – can no longer trust the ACCC

This is the latest in a long sad line of destruction of venerable institutions by the Abbott Government now supported by the Turnbull Government. The line most famously started with the Climate Commission, dismantled as soon as practically able, by Tony Abbott in 2013.

Then the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) came under the hammer and began their path toward being an institution that the Australian voter cannot trust.

I demonstrated this lack of independence from the CSIRO on gas in this recent article in IA. The headline from Renew Economy says it all really: ‘CSIRO buries its futures forecast in fossil fuel technologies’ or as IA titled it when republishing the piece: ‘CSIRO’s new report on #innovation focuses squarely on DICE-y coal technology’.

Also to suffer at the hands of the Turnbull government are: Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australian Tax Office (ATO), Fair Work Ombudsman, the Fair Work Commission and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) as The Australia Institute’s report, ‘Corporate Malfeasance in Australia’, highlights.

Added to which, of course, is the non-stop bullying of the ABC, one of Australia’s few trusted and genuinely independent broadcasters.

See More:

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