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All Governments will try to reduce their expenses on Social Security. The better Governments do it by making their services operate as efficiently as possible.

The Howard Government approached the task with what could be considered vigor. The willingness of the Howard Government to harase and pursue those in our community least able to defend themselves tells of a heartless Government.

The Howard Government took away safety nets for people and familys in distress. As a tool to achieve this end they created CentreLink.

The concept of CentreLink was visualised by John Howard. The Howard Government initially disassembled the Department of Social Security and the Commonwealth Employment Service. Howard on a ‘privatising’ excercise replaced this with outsourcing for employment services, (Prefering to “PAY” an organisation to do their job at $300+ a pop) and CentreLink.

6% of 21 Million is 1.2 million unemployed and in the CentreLink system. $300+ x 1.2 million is a lot of banannas. $360 Million.

Now I should point out that Howard is still involved in the Employment Service. So money is still being spent on the ‘Job Network’ Websites and Job Search databases that Howard has provided to his participating service providers and clients. You can only guess what that costs to maintain and update.

So the $360 million isn’t the only cost to the community for providing employment services. As I have only briefly touched on two aspects of the Howard Employment plan. I would estimate the actual figure spent on Employment Services by the Howard Government would be much higher.

Howard shutdown the old ‘fair’ system. (Just like he eventually did to Industrial Relations.. Like he is trying to do to Medicare) Put it on the private employment companies and the various charities involved in social awareness to ‘solve’ the employment services supply issue for him.

In return these businesses get ‘paid’ their $300+ per client. But only when they find a job for their client. Obviously it is in the interest of the business to find employment for the client as quickly as possible. So they can get paid by the Howard Government.

Everyone wants a slice of the $360 million on offer. Some of the charities sold their souls for a slice of that pie. They no longer have sympathy for the down and out with social issues. Those businesses are more concerned with saving a few dollars than saving a few souls nowadays.

Howard should be commended for exposing some as the money hungry creations for what they are. But Howard also corrupted some with his temptation of ‘300’ lousy pieces of silver per client.

Howard initially maintained that CentreLink was an independant company that had ‘tendered’ for the ‘contract’ to provide services as designated by Howards Legislation. Nowadays CentreLink staff view themselves as being ‘Government Employees’ (as indeed they are..)

When I point out to particularly rude CentreLink staff that the company they represent tenders for the right to provide that service to the Australian Government. They laugh at me and tell me they are Government Employees.

So what happened to the tender process? What really happened to Social Security? Are CentreLink a ‘Government Department’? or is CentreLink a private company? Did Howard save money by changing everything?

(I personally think that after Howard got his GST through parliament using his bought and paid for Democrat turncoat. He had so much money to throw around. It didn’t matter anymore.)

Staff at CentreLink have obviously been instructed to interpret legislation harshly by the Howard Government. As a result, with financial burdens called “breaching”, CentreLink is viewed as a threat to survival rather than as a helpful entity, by most people in receipt of Government benefits.

CentreLink follow the political policy of the Howard Government. Which is to make it as unpleasant as possible to remain on Government support. So that most people will do ANYTHING to get away from CentreLink and the Howard Government invasion into their lives.

CentreLink have a proceedure with a zero tolerance policy designed to annoy the client to resort to desperate measures to escape the Howard Government intrusions. One way CentreLink does this is by restricting your income. Which ends up costing you more as you scamper around trying to survive the fallout.

If you ask CentreLink to try and help you save some money. CentreLink seem to find a way of costing you more. Both financially and emotionally as CentreLink force you to fall back on welfare agencies for your very survival.

I believe that John Howard made collecting any kind of benefit so difficult that most people who had a choice found another way to survive. Those of us who do not have a choice are bombarded with new laws designed to show no mercy.

It is my observation that the draconian social security laws put in place by the Howard Government, are detrimental to low income families. Those laws inflict undue financial preasure onto families that are already well below the poverty line. I am sure after trying to deal with CentreLink myself, that some families have not been able to cope.

The uncaring globalized political party that created and controls CentreLink (Howard Government 2007) has my utter contempt.

In 2005 - 2006 Centrelinsk spent $1.25 Million on Optical Surveillance of Clients



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