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A new Prime Minister has a lot to do. CentreLink is a minor concern to Kevin Rudd at best. I’m sure there are much more pressing issues to work out than how to fix CentreLink‘s unfairness. So as a result. It’s been business as usual. With minor changes in legislation only affecting “pensioners”. A utility concession of around $140 per quarter has been granted.

Shame under changes made to the system by Howard. A Single Parent is no longer a “pensioner”. So single parents miss out on this.

The previous Howard Government laws are still firmly in place.

But wait.. Looks like the real Kevin Rudd has begun to appear. (sigh)

Quote: “The Budget provides $91 million to customer service initiatives, including call centres, online access and research into better ways to deliver services for families into the future.”

Then this..

Quote: “The fight against welfare fraud has received a $138 million boost in today’s Federal Budget, Minister for Human Services, Senator Joe Ludwig, announced.”

then this

Quote: “The Government will temporarily suspend fortnightly payments of FTB if customers have not lodged a tax return, or advised they are not required to lodge, within 18 months of the end of the financial year.”

Then this

Quote: “The most significant change being introduced is a new formula used to calculate child support payments.

“It’s a more balanced way of working out child support and a better reflection of the cost of raising children,” Senator Ludwig said.

“It treats both parents’ incomes equally and takes into consideration the level of care parents provide for their children.”

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