1. 1 Comment. # Typical of the jacks.I used to give to the Salvos but no more.After attending a rehab centre in Darwin that’s run by them,never again.My first visit 4 years ago,I had a squashed disc in my back and was not allowed to have the medication that was prescribed by the doctor from Darwin Hospital.The end result,3 months of agony,that need not of been.This time,I had a very large rear tooth removed,no pain killers allowed.I only wanted 1 Panadeine tablet.It wasn’t like I wanted a whole packet!So,fuck the Salvos & fuck the system!‘cause the system stinks.

LSDASH 2009-07-21 03:15 UTC

kewl Ash

lazerzap. 2010-01-26 19:04 UTC.

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