You are wasting your time emailing him - Every indication is that he doesn’t count email protests against the filter as being valid; yet another example of his contempt for, and complete lack of understanding of, the internet.

What I’m curious about is what sort of civil disobedience is possible in this case? Ideally, the ISP’s could simply turn off the internet until the law is repealed. But how could you possibly get them to agree to this (cutting off your revenue stream is not something any business takes lightly, after all).

We could petition Google to remove itself from this country, perhaps?

Does the governor general have any actual power to remove a politician (given the changes in the law since they sacked Gough)? If not, then there’s probably not much point in pestering them.

I’m honestly at a loss as to what to do, other than to try and educate as many “normal” people out there as possible as to what the filter will actually do, and what it could lead to. By “normal”, I mean ordinary people who don’t know much about computers and wouldn’t know what P2P was if it jumped up and bit them on the arse.

Did you notice that the SMH online poll had a 95% NO vote? Shame that means nothing, as Conroy just doesn’t care. Just because the majority of people think something is stupid doesn’t mean we won’t get stuck with it - My favourite example of this is the monorail in Sydney; they did a study which showed that a moving sidewalk system would cost 1/10th as much and transport 10 times as many people. The overwhelming majority of people thought the monorail was stupid. They built it anyway.

Even if we educate 95% country as to the stupidity of this filter, it won't change Conroy's mind.

Yes.. Unfortunately I totally agree with everything you have said.

The Governor General angle is nothing more than that.. As you so rightly point out. I think around mid to late 80’s HRH control over Australia was reduced considerably. HRH or the GG may have little or no control over the situation. :(

See my latest post.. I think we are up the creek without a paddle.

As for educating the normal people.. Well.. hehehe thats why I dribble.. ;)

lazerzap. 2010-03-31 19:52 UTC.

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