Much as I’d like to, you can’t actually blame Stephen Conroy for Digital Television in this country.

The real history, as I understand it, was pretty much to do with Kerry Packer and John Howard sitting down over a couple of glasses of beer and deciding that the digital system which every other country on the face of the planet was too good for us, so we should get one that was much more limited. I’m sure if you look for the details you could find it.

So, blame Howard and Packer. What’s good for big media is usually bad for everyone else.

Reg. Unknown UTC.

Quote: “In essence, Howard and Coonan are returning to the Alston Mark I crude favour change to the cross-media restrictions, while ignoring every caveat the Productivity Commission said should accompany it.

What is proposed is nothing more than a bit of dirty home-town play for the principal benefit of the major incumbents. In practice, were these changes to come about, it would mean that ordinary bods would need the Packer and Murdoch organisations to stamp their passports for their free movement through Australian society.”

See: The Age September 29, 2005: Packer and Murdoch to win from Howard's changes

lazerzap. 2010-04-14 18:38 UTC.

Reg.. Stephen Conroy is still responsible for the way the “Phaseout” of Analogue TV is about to happen.. and Digital TV is only 50-75% in rural areas. I just think its another example of Senator Conroys failings.

lazerzap. 2010-04-14 18:58 UTC.

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