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2016-05-26 Conspiracy, Fracking

ACCC gas report is nothing more than LNP propaganda

by Lachlan Barker 26 May 2016

Has another government-funded entity, the ACCC, fallen victim to the Abbott/Turnbull Government's bullying and in a similar abusive relationship to the ABC and CSIRO? Lachlan Barker investigates its propaganda-ridden report into the east coast gas market.

IN APRIL this year, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released a report into the east coast gas market, and those who read it were aghast to discover that the ACCC are now simply printing the Turnbull Government's gas propaganda.

The report concludes that the answer to any shortages of gas for Australian industry on the east coast is – surprise, surprise – lift any moratoriums on gas exploration in the eastern states, then to explore for, then produce, more coal seam gas (CSG).

So sad to see the ACCC agree to do this and, thus, I’m sorry to report that we – the Australian consumer – can no longer trust the ACCC

This is the latest in a long sad line of destruction of venerable institutions by the Abbott Government now supported by the Turnbull Government. The line most famously started with the Climate Commission, dismantled as soon as practically able, by Tony Abbott in 2013.

Then the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) came under the hammer and began their path toward being an institution that the Australian voter cannot trust.

I demonstrated this lack of independence from the CSIRO on gas in this recent article in IA. The headline from Renew Economy says it all really: ‘CSIRO buries its futures forecast in fossil fuel technologies’ or as IA titled it when republishing the piece: ‘CSIRO’s new report on #innovation focuses squarely on DICE-y coal technology’.

Also to suffer at the hands of the Turnbull government are: Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australian Tax Office (ATO), Fair Work Ombudsman, the Fair Work Commission and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) as The Australia Institute’s report, ‘Corporate Malfeasance in Australia’, highlights.

Added to which, of course, is the non-stop bullying of the ABC, one of Australia’s few trusted and genuinely independent broadcasters.

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2012-05-25 Conspiracy, Fracking

Hydro-fracturing is to fracture rock formations deep underground to liberate natural gas that would be otherwise inaccessible.

60 minutes Australia youtube

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