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  • Corporations who employ staff to deal with you from another Country.
  • Corporations that direct their staff to disregard customer complaints.
  • Corporations who constantly employ inept staff.
  • Corporations who have staff with a “who cares” attitude.
  • Corporations who have no true complaints resolution system in place.
  • Corporations who dont supply the basic customer demand for service.
  • Corporations that use Phone waiting cues.
  • Corporations that think it’s ok for the Customer to wait on hold for 20 mins.
  • Corporations that only have an Industry Ombudsman (Vested Interest) to answer to.

These factors, as they are exposed, determine the true value of the Corporation to the Consuming Public.

The Corporations only think in Dollars and Cents. They are Totally Profit Driven.

They could increase services to the public, at a higher cost! But their profit margin would be less. So why should they?

They could employ people only in the country they are servicing. But that will cost more. So why should they?

Lets face it if they could put a monkey in a cage to press the buttons. They would be doing it. If it saved them a penny.

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