I purchased the 1959 Starmodel Customline from Melbourne in February 2007. (Original Ad) Initially I was concerned because the car was Victorian registered with the original old Y block engine number. But after speaking to South Australian Motor Rego I realized I could get out of this real well.

All the South Australian Motor rego really wanted was a clean engine number. It didn’t matter to them if the engine had been changed to 302 Cleveland. So I determined to buy it. My GF at the time and I drove to Melbourne in the 92 Ford.

I drove the Customline back. My GF following. Got both cars back to Beachport without drama that night. Woke the next day, Got the Cop from across the road to inspect the engine number. Went into Mt Gambier Motor registration with the paperwork the local cop had supplied with the inspection.

Registered it for 12 months that day in South Australia. I even managed to get my old RON-954 Plates stuck on it. Mailed the Victorian plates back to the original owner. Everyone is happy.

Driving it home from Melbourne I realized the steering box needed a rebuild. So in the first couple of weeks I had the steering box reconditioned. Counting labour and expenses $700. I also spend $189 a few months back to get the Customline serviced and a rear uni joint replaced. Unfortunately it was a botched job and ended up costing me another $150.

Apart from that. The Customline hasn’t cost me anything except petrol. There are a few rust bubbles popping out on the old girl. But she still looks good and always seems to attract a nice comments. 302 Cleveland, 4 Barrel 600 Holly, power assisted front disk brakes, as new Dual Exhaust, 5 x twelve slots with caps, 5 x 225 x 14” 80% tread.

U want it? I’m selling it right now.

Go to:

$17k gets the ball rolling.

Edit: 8th April 2010 - Ebay Ad is long gone. It only reached $11500 so I declined to sell. :)


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2008-08-28 Customline


I have had the Customline advertised on Ebay. I wanted what I paid for her. But looks like as usual I probably paid double what I should have.


Look at this…

Not looking good is it?

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2008-08-20 Customline

I dunno what come over me. But in a moment of madness I decided to put the Customline up for sale on ebay.

My Customline Ad on ebay

Sigh.. I really am a poor car salesman. Looks like I have overflowed the info on the car. My guess is that too much bad info upfront will have potentially driven off many prospective, but skittish, customers.

I should have been more like a profesional ebay seller.

Supplied only Name, Rank, and Serial Number.. Make everyone ask everything..

Ohh well… My first ebay sale… (If it sells.. and I think it might..)

If not.. Shrug Next time I advertise it on ebay.. I will design my sales page offline.. Rather than edit the stupid thing over and over…

I wont devulge my Reserve price in the listing.. I think now that was a bad idea.

But maybe not if it becomes a true auction, with a few bidders becoming involved. It could be fun to watch the listing in the last few mins.

It might not be fun at all if the Customline doesnt reach my reserve. But I had 2 buyers call me on the mobile today. They had seen my mobile number in the ebay ad. Both were from Victoria.

One fellow is from Ballarat and the other from Cranbourne.

The guy from Ballarat drove across and viewed the Customline today!. We started her and took her for a quick spin down the road and back.

Started pretty well first click with the jumper battery. Unfortunately the Customline battery still didnt hold any charge after the quick spin.

So the Auction could get interesting. Depending on the buyers real interest and finances. Some people are dreamers. But the guys who go to the trouble of viewing a car thats interstate, arent.

The guy from Cranbourne should be turning up around 2pm Thursday. (If he turns up - I’ve heard this before from Car buyers)

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2007-10-26 Customline

Happy Birthday to me

No Comment.. 50 years old today..

Half a century.. It was no party.

Off to Narracoorte

Put the contents of the ‘Jerry Can’ into the Customline. Hmmmm didn’t fill it. :( Not good. So I milked the 92 Ford. I took maybe 10 litres from it. Filled the Customline with the can again. Then milked the 92 Ford again and refilled the ‘Jerry Can’.

We went off to Naracoorte to see Sarah’s Dentist. On the way we dropped into Greenways and saw Barbara. She needed some panadols.

The Customline cruised and the day was nice. We took it slow mostly. We were ahead of schedule. So in the end we putted into Naracoorte doing 60 klms per hour (35 mph)

After Sarah saw the Dentist. (he is very happy with her)

Sigh - Broke again, TY CentreLink for wasting all my money

We had scrounged 10 and 20 cent pieces from home and had enough for 2 flavored milk drinks. Sarah contributed a couple of dollars she had as well. So we went and inflicted 10 and 20 cent madness on the poor bakery shop owner. The pies and pasties and cakes looked nice. *sigh (next time)

We managed to return home without resorting to the ‘Jerry Can’ so it is still full in the boot of the Customline. But my bet is the Customline wont have much left in her now. :(

The good thing is the Customline now feels great on the road. The nasty vibrations that I had been getting used too are now missing.

After all this we settled down to a quiet night at Clovelly

Thats probably a really good birthday present all by itself. :)

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2007-10-25 Customline

Fixing the Customline

Kids went to school. Off to Hatherleigh to where the Customline is. Bolted in the driveshaft. Started the Customline. Drove to Millicent. Took it straight into Garry Clifford. Garry reset the driveshaft.

Picked up my friend (Keith) that was helping me. We drove to Hatherleigh. I drove the 92 Ford and he drove the Customline back to Clovelly. We returned to Millicent in the Customline.

Naracoorte Tomorrow

I realized that I had to go to Naracoorte on Friday (tomorrow) so I put everything I had in my wallet ($35) into the petrol tank of the Customline before returning to Clovelly.

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2007-10-22 Customline

CentreLink coughed up

Got payed today. whew Went did the shopping. Payed $100 off the repairs to the Customline to Garry Clifford. I dunno how much it’s going to be. It depends on what we can salvage. How much damage (if any) is actually done to the driveshaft.

92 Ford out of Rego

Registration is Due on the 92 Ford on the 23rd.

I told Garry Clifford, who is repairing the driveshaft, that I needed to go to Naracoorte on Friday 26th. Sarah is getting her braces adjusted.

Garry was unsure if he was going to be able to supply the tailshaft before the registration on the 92 Ford runs out. I said as long as I had it before Friday and suggested that Wednesday the 24th I’d be back in Millicent for that CentreLink interview and to do my shopping again.

Garry said he would do his best to have it done by Wednesday. But it was really down to him receiving the correct sized uni joint in the timeframe.

So fingers crossed.

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2007-10-17 Customline

Hooray!! - Time to get some Goodies!

It’s Wednesday. Shoppingday. Payday.

So I wait for the kids to get home. Its time to go shopping. :) Sarah particularly wanted to go to Millicent this week. She has been after a Dolly magazine that has Delta Goodrum on the front cover. She is fearful of missing out of the issue.

Inspect Customline Broken Uni

I stop into Jenny’s place at Hatherleigh to check on the Customline on the way past. I wash off some bird poo and take this image under the car.

The more I look at the broken uni joint on the Customline. The more I get angry. This just shouldn’t have happened.

Another Rude CentreLink Shock

We drive into Millicent. Go to the bank. $9.65. Huh? Didn’t get payed? Hmmm.. I wonder why.. I will just go across the road to the CentreLink presence in Millicent. Closed. Its 4.45pm. Damn. Ok.. I will just have to go home. Make the best out of it for dinner tonight and get onto CentreLink tomorrow.

I wonder what mail I have missed from CentreLink this time in my PO Box? When are the morons who make CentreLink policy going to realise they need to have stightly different rules for rural people?

So my Kids and I go without again.

Getting the Customline home and repaired will also have to wait.

Everything must wait. I wasted my limited funds getting back from Millicent to Clovelly. Knowing I will have to get to Millicent again before I am able to access funds. CentreLink really know how to make remote rural people suffer. Much more so than for those in the Cities.

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2007-10-16 Customline

Uni Broke? Must be faulty?

First thing this morning. I called the Mechanic who had done the repairs 3 months earlier. He told me that he had ‘heard’ that I had ‘worked’ on the uni joint after him.

So as a result he wasn’t going to cover the uni joint under warranty. I got angry and told him I’d make him famous on the net.

Bad Customer Service?

He told me he didn’t care and that I could do whatever I wanted. I told him I would pursue it in court and again he told me to do what I wanted.

Customline on the side of the Princess Highway

I drive into Millicent in the 92 Ford. On the way past the Customline I take these photos. The Customline seemed untouched from it’s night on the side of the road.

But .. When I look under the car and see clearly the state of the Uni joint. I know straight away that the wrong sized Uni must have been used.

The caps must have been spread too far apart to accomodate the yoke on the diff.

A close up shows the evidence better.

Famous for being unfair?

I went around to the Mechanic’s place of business and take some photo’s of him and his shopfront. (From across the road)

I discuss his inability to deal with basic mechanics. I also point out his complete lack of customer service. I dont think he likes me anymore.

He got quite cross when I took the photos. I got told he would sue me If I published them. But I thought a business owner’s image and information are in the public domain.

Not sure tho.. Otherwise how does a newspaper get away with doing a paperatzi on the so called stars?

Anyway he already told me I could do whatever I wanted on the phone… Looser

More important things to do

I grab my friend Keith and we go to the Customline.

We are a couple of kilometers from Jenny’s place in Hatherleigh.

The tailshaft was sitting on the handbrake cable and had completely come out.

So we put the tailshaft in the 92 Ford and towed the Customline to Hatherleigh. Keith in the 92 Ford. Me in the Customline.

We get the Customline to Jenny’s without incident.

I drive Keith home to Millicent.

I drop the Customline tailshaft off to Garry Clifford in Millicent and I return to Clovelly.

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2007-10-15 Customline

I gotta have Coffee!!

I ran out of Milk today. Everyone know I live on Coffee. So of course I had to make an extra trip to Millicent. Just to get some milk. yep.

I like driving the Customline

I decided to take the Customline. The day was sunny. The wind was low.

When I was on my way home. Something broke in the rear of the car. I could hear a grinding banging noise as it rolled to a halt.

When I looked under it. The rear of the tailshaft or driveshaft was on the ground. I looked at it closely and saw the universal joint had come away from the differential. The uni joint cups were still firmly bolted in place. The uni joint had popped right out the side of the caps.

Got a lift home to Clovelly

I couldnt do anything except try and get home. I tried to hitch a lift. But after waiting what seemed an eternity in vain. I decided to attempt a lift from the nearest house. Luckily I was able to get a lift back to Clovelly.

Still can't have a coffee?

Once back at Clovelly I remembered the milk that was still under the seat of the Customline. So I had to return to the Customline in my 92 Ford and retreived the missing milk that caused all of this.

I dont have any insurance on the Customline. I started to worry about it being on the side of the road at I drive home.

So after returning home I made a phone call to my friend Jenny, who lives in Hatherleigh, to ask if I can leave the Customline at her place. Because the Customline had broken down not far from there. Next I call my friend Keith in Millicent to ask him to help me to get the Customline off the road the next morning.

So I will need to go into Millicent tomorrow morning to get Keith to help me get the Customline to Hatherleigh. Then I will have to take Keith back to Millicent.

Finally I will be able to return home. The Customline will have to stay in Hatherleigh until it is repaired.

This is getting expensive…

Where is my eyesight?

Then I realized that I had lost my glasses. After searching everywhere I decided that they MUST be in the Customline. I MUST have put them down on the seat when I got the milk.

  • damn*

Back (again!) to the Customline

Now really annoyed with myself. Knowing that I was wasting more petrol than I could ever justify I returned to the Customline. Yes the glasses were on the seat. But what a waste of money. So back to Clovelly I go again.

What is wrong with the Uni Joint?

The Rear uni joint had been replaced not 3 months earlier. I had never been happy with the job. I had vibrations after the uni joint was replaced. But I never had vibrations before it was replaced.

3 days after the uni joint was replaced the vibrations were so bad that i got under the car myself to check it. I found the nuts that hold the ubolts around the uni cups were only finger tight.

In my opinion if I hadn’t checked them at that point. The uni joint would have given way. So I was unimpressed with the previous mechanic who had replaced the uni joint.

I determined to call him the next morning to organize repairs under warranty. He had charged me $189 less than 3 months prior and I managed to find the paid receipt in my wallet.

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