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2010-03-21 Dialup

I realised that Telstra had capped their wireless plans. Wow! This is something I have been waiting for them to do for some time now.

I checked up on the Bigpond website for information about their current wireless “deals”.

My current rim connected bigpond dialup service will only give me 31.2kbps internet bandwidth.

But even a shaped Bigpond Next G Wireless connection will give me 64kbps.

Unfortunately, the Bigpond site didn’t have too many options to select from. The choice of harware offered with connection options was also limited.

Because of my “cash strapped” finances, I determined to do this “upgrade” as cheaply as possible. So I selected the 400MB shaped wireless plan. With the Network Gateway box. (which will cost me $99 in the first month)

I disconnect from the dialup internet and call Telstra Bigpond.

I soon negotiate the Telstrabot and get to a sales line.

The order is taken.. After much discussion. I ask, and have it explained, that the $99 extra (for selecting a Network Gateway) will have to be paid in next months bill. (even tho its a 24 month contract)

Just waiting for the wireless order to be processed.

A few days later. I get a small package in my PO BOX. Sure enough. Its a Bigpond Wireless USB stick. WTF? I ordered a Network Gateway box.. Not a USB sticky thingy.. Hmmm Better not play with it.. (even tho the temptation is high) Call up Bigpond and inform them of their error.

So now aparently. If I want the Network Gateway that I ordered.. I will have to attend a Telstra Shop to get it.. Because I am now informed that they will not send out that particular item. If I want the more expensive Network Gateway (faster) box. They will send that to me. BUT that is $199 not $99.

Looks like my choices are to travel to pickup the $99 extra box. Or to bite the bullet and let them charge me $199 for the premium box (that they will send to me) Or just accept the USB thingy.

I get told that “it’s just as well” I didnt activate the USB thingy or I’d be stuck with it.

I ended up being a bit angry about the thought that I probably wasnt the first person to fall into this “trap”.. I asked to speak to the supervisor..

After a short delay.. I explained to the supervisor how I saw Telstra treating its customers. He kindly offered to send out the premium Network Gateway at the original $99 fee. Basically cutting $100 off my bill. It was certainly nice of him to do this for me. It certainly calmed me down enough to eventually commend him on his customer service.

But what about the other people. The ones less likely to complain to a supervisor. Those of us that are less likely to see the bigger corporate picture. They ended up stuck with a USB sticky thingy when they really wanted a Network Gateway box. (or paid the Telstra premium for the changeover)

Anyway.. All I really wanted to say was that I’m getting wireless soon.. :)

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2007-12-02 Dialup

Dear Mr and Mrs PalTalk


Dialup Sux

Howdee.. Sorry to bring this to you. But I am a dialup user. I know there arent many dialup users left.

Real Annoying

But when I initially login to Paltalk I get a popup browser box that advertises I think up to 8 paltalk featured rooms. Each room has a high res image. On half speed (31.2 kbps) dialup it keeps knocking me off the paltalk server.

Dialup Really Sux

Obviously I dont have sufficient bandwidth to accomodate maintaining connection to the Paltalk servers and receiving such high resolution images as part of the room advertising.

So does PalTalk

The funny thing is. When I was using Version 8.5 paltalk. This wasnt a problem to me. I think because different quality images were used for 8.5’s initial room ads.


Please Please Please.. Think about reducung the quality of those images so that dialup users like myself aren’t so badly affected.

A solution I guess would be to go back to 8.5. However I find 8.5 to be more difficult to get a good solid outgoing audio stream.

Please Mr PalTalk.. Just reduce the image quality so it doesnt knock us offline anymore..

Wasted Time.. No Reply

Thankyou for the time taken to read this.

Ticket ID is: LTK11804517351X

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