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Finding a suitable Domain Name registrar can be difficult. I have featured here NameCheap and GoDaddy. Mainly because they are the Domain Registrars that I have dealt with the most. GoDaddy & NameCheap both have good reputations for supplying well priced domains, with futher discounts being offered via “Codes” at various times of year.

As a result, domain buyers will want to check the current discounts being offered with the “codes” to ascertain which supplier is currently the cheapest.

On a personal note. I prefer the non bloated interface of NameCheap. The GoDaddy website feels much slower and constantly badgers you to “add on” with endless offers before finally, painfully arriving at the checkout cart. (Most annoying!)

ID: WhoisGuard $2.88/yr

SSL: $9.95/yr
Premium SSL: $98.88/yr

New .Com: $9.98/yr
ICANN Fee: .18c/yr
Total Fee: $10.16/yr

Renewals: $9.98/yr
Transfers: $8.98/yr

Code: December 2010:

With Code Applied:

New .Com: $9.10/yr
ICANN Fee: .18c/yr
Total Fee: $9.28/yr - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting


ID: PRIVATE $9.99/yr

SSL: $49.99/yr
Premium SSL: $99.99/yr

New .Com: $11.99/yr
ICANN Fee: .18c/yr
Total: $12.17

Renewals: $12.17/yr
Transfers: $7.49/yr
Code: "cjc749chp"

With Code Applied:

New .Com: $7.49/yr
ICANN Fee: .18/yr
Total: $7.67/yr

Renewals: $10.98/yr "promo10"
Transfers: $6.75/yr "promo10"

GoDaddy seems to win the race with their $7.49 dot com domain. However all may not be as it seems. NameCheap add on certain desirable “options” that GoDaddy will make you pay for.

Hmmmmm (this is starting to get like comparing phone deals..)

GoDaddy seem to be more generous in timeframe and scope with their codes. NameCheap seem to offer “Event” based better discounts at certain times of the year.


However, to me the big winner overall is NameCheap. For a variety of reasons. When you register a domain with NameCheap you automatically get:

  • Website feels fast and appears “uncluttered”.
  • Website DOESNT badger you with endless “add ons”.
  • FREE WhoisGuard for 12 months.
  • FREE SSL for 12 months. (Can be used on ANY domain)
  • FREE Live Chat. (Excellent Immediate Customer Service)


The same GoDaddy domain would cost $59.98 more!

So.. It’s your choice.. hehehe

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