Evolution (also known as biological, genetic or organic evolution) is the change in the inherited traits of a population of organisms through successive generations.

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2011-12-04 Evolution

A clip from ABC TV’s Catalyst science program about the creation of the ultimate Mammalian family tree. Is evolution finally proved?

The Mammalian family tree PDF can be downloaded here

Strong evidence for evolution´╗┐ are the 19,000+ Endogenous Retroviruses found in exactly the same positions in human & chimp DNA. As the video (below) points out, the only way this could have occurred is if we shared a common ancestor.

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2011-07-22 Evolution

I would love to see how Australia compares.. Seems to me 40% of the population in the USA have rejected evolution. Is this a representation of “religious mind control”?

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See: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5c/Views_on_Evolution.svg

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2010-10-02 Evolution

Ayumu (Born in 2000) is a chimpanzee currently living at the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University.

He is the son of chimpanzee Ai, and has been a participant since infanthood in the Ai Project, an ongoing research effort aimed at understanding chimpanzee cognition.

As part of the Ai Project, Ayumu participated in a series of short-term memory tasks on a touch-sensitive computer screen.

His performance in the tasks was superior to that of comparably trained university students, leading to a conclusion that young chimpanzees have better eidetic memory than adult humans.

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