Politics is a Dirty business

Depending on which imaginary political line your on. Those who govern us “share” the spoils of their deceit with their Globalisation masters. While denying the people (plebs) an enlightened existance. Instead we waste billions on armament, wars, and fat pay packets for the already megarich government department executives/ministers.

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2017-06-29 Federal Government of Australia

Australian Unemployed Workers Union

Where did this come from?

Why have organisations like “Australian Unemployed Workers Union’s” sprung up recently in Australia? What does this tell us about the state of Unemployment here?

It tells me a lot. Most intelligent, well educated, individuals are employed. Are they not? It is only those who are UNWILLING TO GET A JOB that remain on Newstart.. According to the LNP/ALP political parties..

So how come these articulate, well educated people.. are advocates for the unemployed? We have had clever people unemployed before? Yet we haven’t had an “Unemployed Union”..

So why is it happening NOW? What has changed?

It is because the unemployed have woken to the FACT that the ALP and LNP have been lying to the public for years. Jobs are very hard to get in 2017. Clever people have never had it so tough!! Most unemployed apply for hundreds of jobs without ever getting an interview. Previously.. people were able to escape the Newstart TRAP. Now they find themselves fighting a system designed to slowly starve them to death.

These unemployed, yet well educated people are sick of being put through the grinder of Centrelink and the Job Networks endless repetition of “you are not trying hard enough”.. These unemployed, yet well educated, found that the system was DESIGNED to break them. It is DESIGNED to inflict maximum stress and provoke it’s “forced patrons” to acts of sheer desperation just in order to survive.

Eventually people will do ANYTHING to escape the Centrelink prison. To make the unemployed “voluntarily” take ANY JOB that may come their way. And THAT works well for the Government!

That is considered a FAIR system. (to Neo-Cons & Neo-Libs who so obviously only ever work for the corporations)

Work for the Dole

Jobs that should have been available are further funnelled into FREE/SLAVE LABOUR in the form of Work for the Dole. Thus making sure even less paid jobs are available for he eternally suffering long term unemployed.

Welfare Card & Drug Testing

Welfare cards and Drug testing further erode the view of “mainstream Australia” towards those “tax stealing scum”

Name and Shame

Who are the LOUDEST VOICES in the Government against the unemployed?.. and WHAT (if any) DONATIONS do they receive from corporations that may benefit from workers wages being constantly forced down? (Um.. all of them..)

Well Barry O Sullivan is very vocal in the above clip.. Lets briefly examine him..

First of all.. I see Barry has a wikipedia page.

Barry James O’Sullivan (born 24 March 1957), Australian politician, was appointed a member of the Australian Senate for the state of Queensland on 11 February 2014, representing the Liberal National Party (LNP). A former police detective, grazier, property developer and LNP executive treasurer, O’Sullivan was appointed by the Queensland Parliament to the Senate seat vacated by Barnaby Joyce, who had resigned to contest the House of Representatives seat of New England at the 2013 federal election.

So he is an X-Cop and a Grazier.

Google quickly informs me thaty Barry owns 42 (or is it now 52?) properties. In fact he owns more properties than any other MP.

I wonder what came first? The cop or the money? I note Barry is a few months older than I. I survive on unemployment benefits. I wonder how he did it?

Ahh wiki tells me..

Upon retiring from the police force, O’Sullivan established an Insurance Loss Adjusting practice which specialised in the preparation of briefs of evidence in civil litigation cases associated with world-wide catastrophic aviation accidents (principally international flights).


O’Sullivan also established Jilbridge (currently NewLands) – a vertically integrated construction and development business (both civil and structural) based in Toowoomba, which currently employs over 100 staff.


O’Sullivan and his family have operated livestock properties and contracted earthmoving services across leased and owned holdings at Cooyar, Ravensborne and Goondiwindi.

What a lifestyle!

After a bunch of visits to the CCC in QLD..

O’Sullivan was appointed to the Senate by the Queensland Parliament on 11 February 2014.

appointed? He wasn’t elected? He was a LNP appointment?

What a nerve.. This is the guy that KNOWS what it is like to be on Newstart?? Really? The LNP MOUTHPIECE?

Are they not simply “sticking their heads in the sand” hoping that the average punter doesn’t realize the treasonous link between lack of industry and unemployment? Or are they knowingly putting their ideology above the well being of Australians? Any other suggestions welcomed.

Isn’t this all just the toxic free trade they fed to us, coming back to haunt THEM in the form of massive unemployment? Because that is what I see..

You be the judge.

Conclusion: Overall Result

This Neo-Conservative “trickle down” ideological FANTASY insures overall wages are kept low and maintains a pool of many skilled, but unemployed people, are now happy to be exploited. (Just as long as they can escape Centrelink)

Resulting in “The Average Joe” being too scared to leave their jobs. No matter how much the conditions and wages have become unfair. They may not be able to get another job and will end up one of those hated scumbag tax stealing unemployed.

Meanwhile.. those LNP/ALP politicians who have “sold us out” rub their hands together in glee.. As they tick a box for their corporate masters… Mostly Unaware that their actions have been recorded and noted.


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2016-11-14 Federal Government of Australia

When the LNP are in Government. Services “break down” due to a lack of funding. This happens at almost every level of government.

The public mostly do not even realize this has happened. Unless they try to use the services that the government are supposed to provide.

Yesterday a scammer tried to call me on my mobile. I never answered. But I did google the number.

Seems this scammer has been quite active. Raising money for the Police in various states and federally.

So I decided to report the number to “Scamwatch” (a government initiative)

Initially I attempted to use their website. But once I “sent” the form. It went off into the ether and gave a blank screen with a 404 error. *sigh

So while wondering if this was their way out of avoiding investigating reports.. I called their national number.

And was placed in a que. “Due to a larger number of callers than usual”.. (where have I heard that before.. Sounds strangely familiar.. Ohh yeah.. Centrelink.. like every single time you call..)

So after 15 mins in their que.. I gave up.. and wondered how many others had traversed the same road before.. Only to give up in disgust..

LNP Government.. The Finest Corporate interests can buy!

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2016-07-28 Federal Government of Australia

IMO: The Youth Detention Royal Commission should include all Australian States and Territories

Brian Martin QC

Justice Martin made his mark as a jurist capable of handling large challenging cases.

The man chosen to head the royal commission into youth detention in the Northern Territory has an intimate understanding of the legal landscape of the Top End and a long history of dealing with high-profile court cases.

Terms of Reference

In a joint statement, Mr Turnbull and Attorney-General George Brandis said the inquiry would examine:

• Failings in the child protection and youth detention systems of the Government of the Northern Territory;

• The effectiveness of any oversight mechanisms and safeguards to ensure the treatment of detainees was appropriate;

• Cultural and management issues that may exist within the Northern Territory youth detention system;

• Whether the treatment of detainees breached laws or the detainees’ human rights; and

Whether more should have been done by the Government of the Northern Territory to take appropriate measures to prevent the re-occurrence of inappropriate treatment.

See: Brian Martin - (via ABC MSM)
See: Kwementyaye-Ryder: Facts (via Overland.org.au)
See: Kwementyaye-Ryder: Decision - (via The Australian MSM)
See: Alice Springs: Murder, Racism (via Guardian MSM)
See: Original Facebook Thread

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2016-07-15 Federal Government of Australia

Please take the time to read this post, it is very long but I really need you to do this.
Please take 5 minutes to read this man's story. I am not sure how clear this doctors report will be so I will write the contents here.

I am writing this in my capacity as a visiting medical officer, consultant physician in infectious diseases and hepatology.

This letter is to support Mr xxxxxxxhas end stage liver disease secondary to alcohol abuse and hepatitis C virus.

Clinically, this means his blood pressure is extremely low, he requires fluid draining from his abdomen at least weekly. His blood is unable to clot properly.

His liver and kidney function is getting worse. He requires close attention by doctors and nurses who are specialists in managing end stage liver disease.

Currently he has limited mobility and is likely to faint or pass out on minimal exertion.

Unfortunately, Mr xxxxxx is receiving maximal therapy for his conditions. The prognosis is extremely poor.

His life expectancy is measured in weeks, perhaps 2/3 months at most.

This letter was dated the 10th of June 2016 one month ago, his life expectancy is now 1/2 months.

This man was told yesterday by Wollongong Hospital that he would be discharged from hospital that day.

He was scared he would have no emergency accommodation after discharge. He was afraid of being sent to Sydney and “dying on the streets”.

He rang Wollongong Homeless Hub after being given the number by a social worker at the hospital. We had no idea the state he was in, and he was told to come to the Hub for support.

He walked to the Wollongong Homeless Hub from the hospital to seek assistance.

After an initial intake assessment: the support worker phoned the only men’s support service in the Wollongong, Shoalhaven area and was told they had no vacancies.

The Hub provided a toiletry pack and clothing including slippers. He told us that he did not feel well enough to be back on the streets so we drove him back to the hospital as he had not been officially discharged and still had the canular fitting attached.

The Hub then went and bought him pyjamas as he had none and took them up to the hospital about an hour later. We were then told he had been discharged and that he was going to Housing NSW One Place Coniston.

I was told the Social Worker had phoned and made this appointment for him.

I asked was he being transported to Coniston and was told no, but his belongings were being held for when he came back.

The Hub then phoned Housing NSW to follow up :just making this part clear (Housing NSW provided him with emergency accommodation for the night in a hotel and gave him a transport voucher to pick up belongings and go to the hotel. )

He had accommodation until 10am the next day - today- and then was to re-present at Housing today at 2pm. (where should a person in that physical condition go during that 4 hours ?)

The Hub then phoned Wollongong hospital and spoke with social worker advocating for him to be able to remain in the health system in hospital or pallative care.

We were told he had been assessed for pallative care but he did not meet the criteria as yet -but when he did he would be admitted. (How close to death do you have to be, to meet the criteria??)

This morning we attempted to phone him and could not make contact, we wanted to see if we could provide any support or transport to his meeting with Housing.

We then went to Housing at the time of his appointment and was told he was a no show. Housing phoned the Motel and he had checked at the required 10am, we then went to the hospital looking for him with no luck. We were very concerned for his welfare and phoned the police.

During this time another support worker from the Hub was continuing to phone him and managed to make contact he had left the area seeking assistance south of Wollongong and was back in another hospital as he required his stomach to be drained urgently. Less than 24 hours after being deemed fit for discharge.

He then was able to fill us in on what had happened since we dropped him at Wollongong Hospital yesterday;

The Hospital Social Worker made the appointment for housing and told him he was to present there, Housing required him to have a current bank statement and centrelink proof of income before they could assist him.

He walked to Centrelink and then the bank. Due to time restriction and his poor mobility he missed the bus- afraid of missing his chance of emergency accommodation appointment he then walked all the way to Coniston.

I am aware this post is long, and I thank you for perservering;

  • Share this post if you believe like us that as a society we need to do better:
  • Share if you believe we have to provide flexible service delivery in a humane manner:
  • Share if you believe everyone has the right to die with dignity:
  • Share if you would be horrified, if this was your brother, father, grand father or son:

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2009-07-23 Federal Government of Australia

Robert Hill

Questionable Emails

“He also said he had no knowledge of an email Mr Davidson Kelly wrote to an AWB executive implying he was going to brief Mr Hill[1] on dealings between AWB and Tigris.”

Cole Enquiry

“The Cole inquiry is investigating evidence that Mr Davidson Kelly worked with AWB to siphon off $US8 million from the UN’s oil-for-food program by inflating wheat contracts between the Iraqis and AWB.”

See: http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/revealed-hills-links-to-awb-man/2006/09/26/1159036542212.html


Media Release

21-07-09 13:20

Announcement of the new Chair of the Australian Carbon Trust

Robert Hill[2] to be Australian Carbon Trust Chair

Government establishes Carbon Trust

The Rudd Government today announced two major developments in the establishment of the Australian Carbon Trust – the innovative new body which will help Australian households contribute directly to reducing carbon pollution.

Government Appointee

Professor Robert Hill[3] will be appointed chair of the Board to be established for the Australian Carbon Trust.

See: http://www.pm.gov.au/node/6046

Unresolved Issues

No real offence meant towards Robert Hill[4].. BUT Wouldn’t it have been better not to select someone who has connections to as yet unresolved issues?

Is there 'No one else?'

Don’t we have anyone else in this country qualified to chair? Do these kind of ‘jobs’ always have to go to ‘the old boys network’?

Situation Normal in Canberra

Sad to see Rudd conducting business as usual in Canberra. :(

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