Free Rice

Have a look at this website.

I managed to get 1000 grains. (which lets face it is a small amount) But if I were to devote a small amount of time each day to the task. It would add up. If we all did just 100 grains a day. Every Day. A difference could be made.

It didn’t take too long…

I set myself a target of 1000 grains. My vocab went as high as 37 and as low as 29.. I managed to get it back up to 30 by the 1000 grains limit I’d set.

Full proof provided here.. lol

Second Attempt…

Hmmmm.. 35 this time..

Full proof provided here.. lol


I suppose the more times you run through it.

The better your vocabulary becomes.

The more likely you are to improve your score.

The more grain that is donated to the starving.

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