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I have played some games in my time. Initially I was attracted to getting a Computer for this very reason. The TRS-80 Model 1 computer was pretty lousy with black and white graphics and single voice sound. But it was enough.

From text Adventures by Scott Adams to the Mighty Zork. I mastered them all on the TRS-80 and later the Commodore 64. The C64 introduced better graphics with some colors and 3 voice sound.

Early Xenix development systems came installed with HACK and THEIF. So I adventured and battled on with character graphics while aquiring a taste for D&D based game engines.

80386 DX 25 Mhz with 4MB of RAM allowed me to experience Wolfenstein. Doom III hot on it’s heels. I longed for them to combine the graphics of doom with the gameplay of D&D.


  • RuneScape - Free Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game. (Java/Browser based)

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