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Governments of the World who have embraced Globalisation as the economic bandaid to their treasury balance.

You do so knowing that one day. When your country is totally dependant on Globalisation to provide all goods. The people of your country will suffer.

They will suffer from a total monopoly of supply with no chance of breaking out of the loop.

Because most Governments embrace Globalisation. Most localised production has ceased.

With supply now being sought from China by the Corporations.

Which results in mass pollution for China. Exploitation of the Chinese workers. (Just to mention 2 things..)

But I got a new Plasma Flatscreen 90” for a bargain price!!

So the Governments allow this to happen.

I dont want my Government to play into the Corporations hands anymore.

The world needs localised industry again rather than Corporate mass pollution at ripoff prices.

I dont want FREE TRADE! I want Government protections for local industries in place. So that local industry can again become a local employer.

A simple solution would be for a Global Body to impose a globally accepted standard minimum world wage.

Set it to a low wage by Developed world standards.

Which would, of course, be a mind blowingly high wage by Un-Developed world standards.

Make sure everyone in the world knows that they play on a new playfield.

Study the situation closely and raise or lower the world minimum wage depending on how much profit the Corporations need to maintain a stable world economy.

So much for the unbalanced trade deficit?

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