Inspeak: GrayWolf4 or Yahoo: [[greenhouse_va?]] or MySpace: [[greenhouse4?]] is the Identity of a man who lives near Clarkton, North Carolina, USA. He is known to use these particular nics on Inspeak and Yahoo chat programs. A good (Lady) friend of mine from Belgium travelled to meet GrayWolf4 during August 2007. He didn’t even bother to turn up. When he was contacted finally (Days later) He said he “Had to Work”. My friend waited for 2 hours in the Airport terminal. Then 1 day in an empty hotel room to see if he would come online. She didn’t know where to go. She didn’t know what to do. She was worried for him. She thought something must have happened to him. She couldnt believe that GrayWolf4 would have done this. She trusted GrayWolf4. She contacted GrayWolf4‘s roommate via the internet. She passed on her mobile number via the roommate. She waited and waited. So in the end she became convinced to stay with other chat friends in the USA. Days later he finally come online and told her that “he had to work”. GrayWolf4 betrayed her. Now she knows it. Now you do too. If your already a MySpace member. Why not drop him a line on his MySpace Website is

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