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There are probably a lot of good people that are involved in Health Services, Sth East, Sth Aust.

The Nurses are some of the hardest working, yet so underpaid, in our community.

However some Doctors have banded together into “General Practictioner Companies” that attempt to maximize their profits at the expense of the communities.

Prefering that their ‘members’ charge patients a gap fee as well as accepting the standard federal government medicare bulk billing to maximize profits.

So that they are able to get rich quicker, these ‘Doctors’ place greater financial preasure on each and every one of us. At a time when we are at our weakest. When we are physically ill.

In my opinion this ‘practice’ is in breach of federal laws and just plain morally wrong!

I applaud you if your one of the few Doctors left in this country that doesn’t charge a ‘Gap Fee’.

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