Java seems to be used in all kinds of things. Games, Applications, Utilities..

In the last few months my PC has been playing up. Rebooting itself or locking up mainly.

The issue I am having seems to be related to Java.

What I’ve noticed is that my PC only seems to play up when I’m running a Java based program. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix it.

Couple of nights ago I stated swapping power supplies.. -.- It’s got that serious.

Now Im starting to wonder if its an overheating problem with my cpu.

My Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz Dual Core CPU idles most of the time. Even tho I run multiple server programs. The 1 GB of RAM in the PC is more than enough for XP and my uses. As you can see by this image. I’m not shy about loading it up.

But even so. Loaded up like that the CPU temperature seems to be ok. Here is the CPU temperature at idle. Before running a java program.

Here it is when running Runescape under Java. As you can see. CPU temperature has risen to 61.. (I have seen it (briefly) as high as 68 when working hard under Runescape)

(This example: Playing Pest Control on World 144)

And after exiting Runescape and java.. Within a minute or so.. Temperature returns to normal.

Running Java based programs seems to heat up my CPU by 15 - 20 degrees. :(

I dont think my system (Power Supply? - Leaking capacitors on the motherboard??) Likes it…

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