Subject: Appt Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:43:34 +1100 From: To:

HI Ron, me again, it is really important that we meet on Thursday either in the MT or Millicent to make sure centrelink do not stop your payments. Maureen

Maureen Scanlon Personal Support Programme Case Manager Jobfind Centres Australia Phone:(08) 8723 2755 Fax:(08) 8724 9013 Email:

So… i take it from that..

That I will not receive any money this week AGAIN!

Great.. simply great…

You do realize the the Social Security Act specifically says that the Government are not allowed to “MAKE” laws that “cost people money” to comply dont you?

This is what your doing by making me come to MT or Millicent on a day that I normally wouldn’t …

Might I suggest that in future you make appointments for me that coincide with my weekly visits to Millicent..

As I have stated before.. Always on a wednesday only…

I will ring Ceneterlink now to confirm that I will not be receiving any cash again this week…

I will then have to contact Telstra to get them to stop auto debiting my account.. Because just lately I have lost $60 to overdraft fee’s due to having my benefit suspended.

I will then contact the Social Security Minister to highlight how this heavy handed approach to Social welfare puts so much preasure on single Parents who live remotely..

My computer system crashed 2 times in the last 7 days.. Causing me many many hours of grief.. As I realize all the data that I have lost. Not to mention how slow it is trying to update my Windows so that I can use hotmail again thru MSN.

At the moment I have logged onto the hotmail site directly. Just because I had a feeling that you would do something like this.

I will have to contact your supervisor as well and explain myself to them. With some luck they can instruct you to accomodate me with Wednesday only appointments in future.

I had hoped that you would work “WIth” me not against me. The gentleman who had your job before you understood the preasures that I am under and acted accordingly.

Well.. Cheers Maureen.. Thanks for your help again.

PS: Emails received regarding this (with my replys)

Subject: Appt. Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:17:16 +1100 From: To:

Hi Ron. I have booked you in for 2.30pm thursday and it would be great if you can make it,or if you prefer call in to the Mt Gambier office in the morning of Thursday as you will be in town. Cheers, Maureen

I ended up NOT GOING to Mt Gambier on that thursday. Luckily I was reimbursed for the fuel I wasted getting to millicent.

I just dont understand this…

“I will be coming to Millicent this Thursday at 2pm, would you be able to come in for an appt at 2.30pm? PLease let me know by phone or e-mail.”

I sent an email saying that if I was unable to attend the appointment I would leave a message at the Millicent Centrelink.. Which I did..

The next day (before the meeting was due) I receive another email saying how I will have my benefit suspended if I dont attend??

Thats just over the top.. I will bring this to the new social security minister to highlight how the current legislation puts undue preasure on single parents who live remotely.

Shame I wasn’t able to read the emails until now..

I don’t know how I am going to survive with delayed payments again.

Surely there is a law that says Centrelink cannot do this to people week after week.. Costing them overdrafts.. Costing extra money to make unexpected trips to sort this mess out..

I mean.. In the end.. I will get my money.. Just not when I should have. How much tax payer dollars are being wasted by legislation that is designed only to put preasure on people so that they find a job and get off befefits.

Not to mention the wasted paper and postage everytime my befefit gets suspended and reinstated???

The personal tied up with processing this legislation.

We have extremely low unemployment in this country. This legislation is now costing more than it saves.

It really never did save the government any money. It just costs more to apply this preasure on the poor.

I will save my comments for the Minister.

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