Kingston SE

Kingston SE

Kingston SE is a town approximately 297 km southeast of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, and 44 km from the town of Robe. It is at the southeastern end of Encounter Bay and the Coorong.


The town was named after George Strickland Kingston, an Australian politician and architect. Kingston SE Post Office opened on 9 February 1860. The extension on its name is to distinguish Kingston in the South East (of South Australia) from another ‘Kingston’ in the state which is now officially named “Kingston-On-Murray”. The town was connected to the outside world by a cape gauge (1,067 mm) railway in 1876. The rails were converted to broad gauge (1,600 mm) in 1959. The railway closed in the 1970s.


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The main industries are fishing, winemaking, sheep and cattle farming and recreation, the district having a large influx of tourists during holiday periods throughout the year.

The northern entrance to the town is dominated by the Big Lobster, fondly named "Larry" by people in Kingston SE.

Many great pubs, hotels, and shops can be found, and Kingston SE also hosts one of the best fish and chip shops in Australia. "Macs Takeaway" has twice won awards for their outstanding fish and chips.

The town has an Australian Rules football team competing in the Kowree-Naracoorte-Tatiara Football League.

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