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Rude JMods

I called this page Lazerzap's RuneScape very much tongue in cheek. You see I was once told by a very rude RuneScape Forum Moderator that RuneScape WASNT MY GAME!

Jealous Jagex

I was told that RuneScape is wholly owned by Jagex. From the characters to the data, the virtual money, to the virtual clothes on my virtual back. I was owned by Jagex. It isn’t MY game at all. It’s Jagex’s game and they are very jealous about anyone claiming the RuneScape game in any way shape or form.


Well Jagex forum mod noob. Listen up. I play the game. Therefore it’s my (prefered) game.

Paybacks are rarely pretty.. loool.. Anyway..

RuneScape Fan? Sites

We have been playing RuneScape since Easter 2006. Since that time I have made a variety of webpages and forums on the subject.

Beware the dialup server...

Most of which have gone now. (Due to my servers being relocated.. Over and over..)

Hosted properly (finally!)

What’s left? or New?…

Lazerzap's Current RuneScape Highscore

Checkout Lazerzap's Current RuneScape Highscore

Old Stats

Step back in time… (To when this article was originally written..)

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  • Sarbearroxy

  • Dandwc88

BigSlugBox.Com Forums for RuneScape

Note: BigSlugBox RuneScape - Forums (My prefered RuneScape Forum)

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