Life on Dialup totally Sux!

Big time..

You better believe it…

The world has gone Broadband

Everyone is madly creating http content with amazing graphics, high quality audio, etc etc

Everyone forgets there are still people on Dialup.

From the amazing google maps on everyones webpages. To the wonderful flash creations. It all SUX on Dialup.

Sun Java Forcefeed

I recently was force fed a Java update from Sun. Nice to be up to date. The download is still happening while I enter this text.

Problem is.. I maintain 4 PC’s here. All connected to the same disgustingly slow 31.2 Kbps Dialup.

So as slow as this Java update has been to receive. It will be 3 or 4 times as long before I’m finished updating the network.

Sun force fed the Java update. There is no provision for saving the file. So I can install it later onto my other PC’s.

No I will have to repeat the Java update process for each PC in the network.

Sun (like many others) believe that.. The future is here now. Broadband is here now.

Sun think there is no need to save a file manually. In 2008 programs get updated in real time with minimal operator intervention.

Yes thats nice. Well it would be nice if I wasn’t on dialup still. :(

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