The initiate Linux pupil suffers under the preasure of trying to learn. So that they may become a Linux Geek. The sheer mindnumbingly staggering amount of commands that you have on a Linux system compared to a windows system is quite daunting to most. Not to mention the 20 or so options or switches that can be set for each of those commands.

Most initiates think it will take them many years to master Linux. (And it does) No matter which way you cut it. Linux is still only an OS for the geeks. Normal PC users dont have the time or dedication to learn Linux. Even tho its the best internet tool available. Most people forget about the hundreds if not thousands of ISP’s that all use Linux to provide the internet to those thousands of windows users.

The Internet would not be the same had there not been a Linux. So although Linux is the best thing on the block. It will still unfortunately languish in almost obscurity, in the minds of most mainsteam PC users. (I bet Bill Gates is quietly happy that up until now, the Linux distro’s haven’t performed well against him in the OS marketplace.)

Vista recently took Bill away from any need to worry about Linux. hehe But them pesky Linux guys still get a brand new PC and stick Linux on it. And Windows XYZ will still get out performed. It’s called less bloatware Mr Gates. ;) hehe MicroSoft HAS to keep making Windows bigger and better.

Because Linux is just sitting back there with just a slightly more intimidating environment. But it is an environment that gets a little more user friendly every day.

2010-08-27 Linux

For anyone looking for fedora yum repositories that work.

See: Fedora Version 1-10 yum repositories information

Fedora Core 2 (Tettnang) This version of Fedora uses a file called /etc/yum.conf (as they all do) but the repository configuration is done in this file, unlike later versions of Fedora where there are separate .repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d. Edit the stock /etc/yum.conf ‘baseurls’ to look like this:

 name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - Base
 name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - Released Updates

I obtained a yum list a few hours ago from my Fedora Core 2 after editing the yum.conf to the above baseurls.

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