Malcolm Bligh Turnbull (born 24 October 1954) is an Australian politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Wentworth in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs since 2004. He was the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party from 2008 to 2009, and has been the Minister for Communications since 18 September 2013.


Although Turnbull is a convert to Roman Catholicism from Presbyterianism, he has found himself at odds with the church’s teaching on abortion, stem cell research and same-sex marriage. Turnbull supported legislation relaxing restrictions on abortion pill RU486 and he also voted for the legalisation of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (therapeutic cloning). He did so despite the vocal public opposition to both proposals by Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney.

The 2009 annual BRW list of the richest Australians (the BRW Rich 200) put Turnbull at 182 of 200, with an estimated net worth of $178 million. He is the only MP in Australia to make the list. Malcolm Turnbull made the BRW Rich 200 list for the second year running in 2010, and although he slipped from 182 to 197, his estimated net worth increased to $186 million, and he continued to be the only sitting politician to make the list.

Turnbulls decision to acknowledge and tackle the problem of global warming ultimately cost him his job as leader of the opposition. He then proved that he has personal convictions and common sense when he crossed the floor to vote for the Rudd Governments ETS against his former party.

I think Turnbull was a much more viable leader than Tony Abbott.

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