Mark Aldridge should be an Independent Federal Senator representing SA.

I have just turned 47 years old, and have been self employed for most of my life, I attribute my business success to my honesty, my wife and I also run and self fund a Native Wildlife Sanctuary, we support children in need and live and work together running our two businesses 24/7.

I have spend over a decade studying politics and have been a state and federal candidate on several occasions, I enjoy helping those in need, and have fought for a fair go for many including far too many days in our less than satisfactory courts of supposed Justice.

The above video: Dave Cook and I. (Who we are.. and what we stand for.)

Hands on experience has taught me that justice is becoming the sole domain of the rich, and our common-law system is being watered down by government legislation, in favour of their own self preservation, rather than protecting the peoples best interests.

I have had over 14 years experience campaigning for our nations best interests, as such I have the education and knowledge to represent my fellow Aussies in an informed and professional manner, all the while promising from the heart that I will represent the electorate over any political or corporate interests.

Small businesses are being weighed down by red tape and excessive costs in favour of support for multinational and big business interests, coincidentally the same ones who fund our 2 party system of politics. Inequality and racial tensions are being fed by lack of government foresight, continued inappropriate statements and media manipulation.

Our hard earned Civil and Human rights are not protected and are being watered down by draconian legislation and uneducated attempts at social engineering, Accountability of government and their many departments does not exist, revenue collection is overriding genuine road safety at the same time police services are both underfunded and being used as government tools, rather than protectors of the community.

OUR ELECTIONS ARE BIASED IN FAVOUR OF 2 PARTY POLITICS, so are polls, the counting of votes and electoral law.

Democracy should be about the Freedom of choice of an informed electorate, yet we in Australia are being forced to have a preference for even those we do not know or in fact oppose.

Casting an educated and informed vote is clouded by lack of information, deliberate manipulation and false promise.

I have taken action in the Court of Disputed Returns on several elections in regards to the inadequate conduct issues, uncovering many thousands of missing votes, missing ballot papers and dozens of breaches of what little rights and protections remain.

“Even if I am not your ideal candidate, at least I am honest and will fight for your right to a free and informed vote”

Our great land and infrastructure is being sold to foreign interests, our minerals & ores, our farm land and primary producers, even our water, all those interests our forefathers fought to protect, and the very same that should be protect in the best interests of our children.

The Attack on the word protectionism, was the start to our spiral downwards as a nation”

Accountability is a lost treasure at all levels of society, Democracy should be paramount; Honesty is to be expected at all levels of our governance as should transparency.

Government are elected to protect our best interests, not dictate to us, yet the divide between representative and their electorate continues in sharp decline, as does the power of our vote.

I stand for change, for accountability, to enforce honest democracy and to defend your rights and liberties, and those of our most vulnerable.

I will fight for these issue’s whether or not you support me, but I can do a hell of a better job with the peoples backing and the resources that would be available to me as an elected member.

I try to lead by example, so google my name, and see for yourself, or browse this site for a topic of personal interest, I have opened and self fund “Farm Direct” community markets, which lower the cost of living for the community and supports our farmers and producers.

I have held and spoken at hundreds of rallies, been involved with many exposes on national TV and Radio, stood up for your rights in the courts and represented many groups, organisations and animal welfare groups to ensure their voice is heard.

Whether by TV expose, some of south Australias largest rallies, by addressing parliament, talk back radio or straight into the courts, I will continue to fight for my community, and to demand and expose the truth, with your help let what I do become an example to any future aspiring representatives.

2014-12-30 Mark Aldridge

It scares the hell out of me

Corporatocracy runs riot over us!

It scares the hell out of me what the Australian people are now willing to accept, we are over taxed, we pay through the nose for water, while our government give away water and tax breaks to foreign owned corporations, Police services, local councils et al are now corporations, even corporations like Westfield now have the government collect extortion money from us, an unpaid fine that blows of your windshield could end up costing you your license and your car, with the government standing over you to collect for one of their mates.

Compromised Elections

Elections are now smoke and mirrors with missing ballot papers exceeding winning margins, our Farmers are deliberately being wiped out so foreign governments can buy up our strategic asssets, grow top class product, sent that back to their nations and replace it with dodgy second grade rubbish from theirs. The government do the bidding of the big corporations, because that is who fund them, they rape their own people to do so.

Rights and Liberties abused

Our rights and liberties go missing every month, leaving us living in a nation where having a beer with a mate for their birthday can find you in jail, or you can be arrested for what you are wearing, or who you choose to befriend. Our children are no longer safe in their homes, schools or churches, or from the government.

Draconian Legislation & Declining Health Services

If you do anything wrong the government come down on you making you pay huge money for minor mistakes, if the government stuff up or the Police services stuff up, again you have to pay for their mistakes, in fact any mistake that happens in this once fine nation, is paid for by the people. In the 1970’s we had 14 hospital beds per thousands, now it is below 2, yet Australian donates billions to other nations to fix all the problems I have listed.

Corporations have no "morals"

These very corporations are destroying our land, our waterways, our aquifers and our oceans, they destroy lives and businesses with out fear or favor, and the government will cover up for them every time. We have no Justice, no Democracy and No Liberty, Our freedoms are being undermined, and with that our future, we the people may not be immortal, but when we leave this earth, we will be judged by what we leave behind, and what a bloody mess we are leaving for future generations.

Mark Aldridge

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2014-03-20 Mark Aldridge

At times it is very clear to me why I am not suitable to politics, there are so many things wrong in our society and in the way we are governed, yet the massive issues to me personally don’t appear to be the same as the issues debated during elections or discussed on social networks.

Our judicial system is a mess; affordable justice is a fallacy, prosecutions by police and government departments can occur without any procedural limitations or guidelines, allowing abuse of due process and absolutely no chance of equity or justice.

Government legislation is written with the sole intent of control of every aspect of our lives, while at the same time it ensures the inclusion of sections that undermine our rights and liberties

Our electoral system is written and controlled by those with the most to gain from structural biases, and the process itself is designed to ensure outcomes can be determined in advance.

Our political representatives do the bidding of their political parties, which are controlled by people we never get to see or meet, and the overall agenda is to follow the direction of the United Nations, even though as a nation we have little to no input into the direction chosen by them.

Free trade was designed and sold as the levelling of the playing field, a cosy feel good concept where the whole world enjoy the same quality of life, what we would like to think is that this means lifting the standards of living in third world countries, not dragging us down to their levels.

But none of these topics are ever on the agenda, as a nation we debate other topics, Gay marriage, football stadiums, trams, Holdens, and a variety of local issues, forgetting the root of all these problems are solved by demanding change in how we are governed not by whom.

Why is the agenda for political debate chosen by the politicians, not we the people? It is because we have lost our voice, and the reason we have lost it, is all of the above “The loss of democracy”

It reminds me of my first political slogan “Freedom Justice and democracy” are not negotiable

Mark Aldridge

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2013-12-06 Mark Aldridge

Mark Aldridge exposes massive electoral fraud at the SA Public launch of the Australian Alliance

Published on 5 Dec 2013

The day after this speech it was revealed the state government amended electoral law once again to ensure they face NO opposition in the upper house, with leaks exposing they intend to introduce association laws that mimic QLD laws of Campbell Newman, because they know all too well, NO Independent or minor player would allow such laws to pass, see or Mathaba Australia news for all the details of recent electoral law changes and fraud, an update on all the attempts b the SA government will be added here.

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2011-11-18 Mark Aldridge

Uploaded on 18 Nov 2011

Mark Aldridge addresses Carbon Tax Repeal Rally at Parliament house Canberra, in support of CATA and The Alliance Australia

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