View of Main Entrance (Emergency Entrance to the left)

Nurses and general staff mostly operate as per any other hospital I have encountered.


However, the Doctors that perform the required proceedures only visit the hospital at pre-defined times. Mostly I would suggest that is when it can be squeezed into their busy timetables.

The Doctors at this Hospital (Millicent) all do a ‘Double Act’ with “The Medical Clinic Millicent”.

The Medical Clinic Millicent advises that a 2 - 3 week wait will be required for a Doctors appointment.


If you go to this Hospital with an Emergency. The Hospital will have to request a Doctor to come from The Medical Clinic Millicent.

Hospital policy seems to be dictated by the Group of Doctors (ADGP) who operate The Medical Clinic Millicent.

2005-03-14 Millicent Hospital and Health Service Inc

Reposted from Lazerzaps My Opinion Blog Monday, March 14, 2005


Mount Gambier District Health Service

It is with sadness that I have to report to you about the inadaquate health system presently in place in the SE of South Australia.

I contact you as a citizen who has been a recipient of Federal Government income support for some time. As a result I think I am able to provide to this committee the view held by most low income earners in this district.

I have recently (18 Months ago) moved from Adelaide to Millicent, and lately Beachport. As a result I have dealt with the health system from those locations.

It will come as no surprise that as a rural citizen I am expected to put up with a sub standard health system compared to when I was living in Adelaide.

Problems in Millicent

To illustrate the latest problem.

My Daughter gets stung by an insect around 6.00pm Friday evening. We dont “panic” and apply detol creme and an ice pack. The next day.. Nothing is said and I forget the incident. That evening around 6.00pm again. My Daughter indicates that the bite is now very hot and very swolen.

It appears to be not too bad.. But it is Hot and swolen and itchy. So we call the Millicent Hospital.

The Nurse on the telephone tells us that a doctor will be available from 7.00pm.

So we attend the Hospital.

Travelling from Beachport. Aproximately a 70 klm round trip.

We are taken care of by the Nurses in a professional manner.

We consented to a student doctor see’ing my daughter as well.

Then finally the real doctor arrives. Dr David Sare.

Dr Sare, The student doctor. and my daughter proceed to the examination room.

I indicate (as I did with the Student doctor before) that I dont NEED to attend the examination. (I am waiting for them to give her some antihistermene medication)

Then my Daughter appears.. Motioning for me to come to the examination room.

Dr David Sare then asked me how I wanted to pay for the GAP? I am in a Private Hospital.. With my pensioner concession card, my medicare card.

Both with my daughters name attached.. And the doctor wants money. We have an angry discussion which the doctor cuts short.

During this I am told by Dr Sare that the closest place I can recieve FREE medical cover is in Mt Gambier.

Dr Sare suggests that we concentrate on my daughters medical condition before we argue about the fee’s.

I agree.

Dr Sare perscribes antibiotics.

I ask why no antihistermene?

The Doctor knows best

Dr Sare indicates that he knows best in these things.

I tell Dr Sare that I have extreme illergic reactions to insect bites and that I am worried that my daughter hasn’t been perscribed antihistermenes. Again Dr Sare indicates that he knows best.

I inform Dr Sare that I will be upset If I have to re-attend Millicent Hospital to aquire antihistermenes.

Dr Sare suggests that I should attend Mt Gambier to aquire this service.

Because if I re-attent Millicent hospital. The doctor will charge a fee.

Dr. Sare indicates that I should be happy to pay him a GAP because he has just left dinner guests to attend the hospital. (How unprofessional to even say that)

Of course DR Sare would have been rostered on. He would have known that. Is it my problem that he had to leave guests?

This doctor seems real money hungry.. And none too happy by the time I leave. We leave the hospital. Without organising payment.

I notice the modern silver convertible sports car now parked in the NO PARKING - RESERVED area.. Hmmm Doctor Sare has a nice flash sports car to drive. Lucky him. Must be nice to make THAT kind of money..

The Doctor didn't know best..

The next day. Sunday. My daughters ankle is no better.

It has become cooler to the touch. But even with detol creme, the itching is getting to her.

Now I’m in a situation. I have used nearly all my spare fuel last night. I call the Mt Gambier hospital. I tell what has happened over the phone.

They eventually (coupla mins) get a doctor on the phone. He says.. “Get here.. I will give your daughter antihistermenes” Finally she will get what she needed.

Low income madness

Now I cant get to Mt Gambier. So I ring Millicent Hospital. Thinking I will just try. And walk home from where the fuel in my car runs out.

I tell them what I have been told. I tell them that I cant make it to Mt Gambier.

They indicate that there is nothing they can do. Millicent Hospital won’t provide the antihistermene.

So I hang up.

I dont know what to do.

If the local hospital wont help.

After 45 mins or so. I get a message on my mobile phone.

From Millicent Hospital. The Nurse tells me that..

If I appear with my daughter they will supply 1 antihistermene tablet. I know I cant make it in my car. It occurs to me that Millicent may as well be Mt Gambier.

I am just not going to make it in my car.

Life on a government pension is pretty bleak. With or without a proper health system. So.. I get a brain wave.

Salvation Army to the rescue

I call the Salvation Army.

The Salvos respond. Because not all community members are self serving, money hungry professionals.

Thank whoever/whatever for the salvos. They care when no-one else does. The Salvation Army representative travelled from Millicent to Beachport. Picked us up.

Takes us to the Millicent Hospital. Took us home at the end.

Listening all the way to my complaints about the Health System.

And finally he had to travel back to Millicent to get home. He had been out all day. At Millicent and Narracoorte. Before he assisted us. Good response for a tired man?

The above is factual.

Opinion on Proposition

What follows is my opinion.

GAP is a dirty word. It means greedy.

Shame on the politicians who approved the legislation that allow this greed.

The holey dollar is not the most important thing.

Families that are desperate and in need should be still important to the decent members of our community.

What side will you be on? Saving Money ($$$) or Families that suffer? One thing I would really like to know.

Why has the Millicent Hospital been allowed to decend to this level? There are no Doctors mostly. The nurses are there. So are the patients. But the doctors are private doctors who charge a gap. (read “with greed”)

They only seem to attend when they feel like it.

ie: My daughter waited 2 hours+ for 6 stiches to her face. - At Millicent Hospital - No Doctor available (few Months prior)

If this “Rent a Doctor” system was but a trial for the Hospital.. Then it is a failure. Too many low income families are hurt by this proceedure.

If it is a model for the future.. Then those responsible should be ashamed.

ADGP Group

Why do the people of this area have to put up with the penny pinching antics of a few professionals who have banded together?

As an example look at:

Editorial by Dr. Steve Dunn in reply to a question about ADGP activities… “Will these activities increase the lifespans of local inhabitants? Probably Not. Might they help us as GPs to provide enhanced services, upskill our staff, increase our workforce, improve our income and have a bit of fun as well? I hope so.”

The mailing address for this group is:

Division of General Practice 1st Floor, Millicent Hospital, Box 921 Millicent SA 5280 AUSTRALIA I notice Dr Sare is on the board of this group.

Giving in to these people may save money by cutting costs. But what about the reduced services.. Who are the loosers? We all are. The people the lawmakers claim to represent. Most of all the low income families.

And who are the winners.. Only the money hungry professionals. I believe Dr Sare has prepared his recomendations for the region to this committee. I can imagine that his proposal would duplicate his profitable Millicent adventure.

Failed Experiment

I can only ask members of this committee to reject any recomendations along similar lines.

It is a failed experiment. These Doctors must be made to bulk bill in a public hospital.

Anyway.. If they were made to bulk bill. I dont think that these professionals will give up their profitable chairs, hand back their fat funding, not to mention their lucrative customer bases.

Good Luck.. Shut the door behind you.

To start again overseas? I think all doctors should be MADE to serve a period in rural hospitals before they are allowed to profit from their lucrative private practices.

Where is their Community Obligation?.. I know all about that after being on a Centerlink Pension. It is legislation that forces my Community Obligation. Similar legislation should be created for our doctors.

What doctor would honestly leave the country anyway? Look around you. Get on the net. Talk to people as I do. The world knows Australia is THE place to be..

Why would these professionals leave?.. And if they do.. Good Ridance.. They proved that they lacked a social concience anyway.

Our society would be better off without them. (edit: Money hungry fwits with little or no human compassion)

Truth be known.. Nurses can cover MOST of what Doctors do anyway. (And with a lot less attitude)

In some countries they sell antibiotics at supermarkets. Because there aren’t enough Doctors. So be it..

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