One day I was screaming down the road on my Honda 400/4 (with the cutoff exhaust). So it was loud. Very loud. I was travelling through heavy traffic. Making myself a lane. When I noticed this other motorcycle in front of me. Making a lane for himself too. He heard me coming up behind him. Thanks to the cutoff exhaust. He started to get really into it. We were flying in between the heavy traffic. After awhile we broke clear of the cars and the speed started to increase. 140, 160, then 180klms per hour. I was down under the bikini fairing. Trying to stay with the other rider. The 400/4 was running at peak revs. We hit Darlington Hill. It started to get bendy now. I slowed down as we were going down the hill. Not the other rider tho. I observed him leaving huge lines of sparks on the corners. Too Much!!.. lol. Next thing the other rider passed a hotted up Alfa. (You know.. big mags.. low profile tyres.. big fat exhaust) The Alfa driver poured it on to try and catch up with the bike that just screamed past him. Smoke started to piss out of the Alfa. Heaps of smoke. The faster the Alfa went the more smoke that came out of it. I rapped it on again. But my little 400/4 really just couldn’t match the other 2 vehicles acceleration. (The guy on the bike was riding a Honda 750/4 K6) At the bottom of the hill (at a red light) It looked like the guy on the bike was arguing with the guy in the Alfa. I pulled up in between the car and the other bike. I asked the guy in the car what the problem was. The light changed and the Alfa sped off. Still blowing huge amounts of smoke. It looked like the Alfa had dropped a couple of oil rings during the short race. I introduced myself to the guy on the bike. His name was Steve. We became firm friends from that point on.

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