Nigel Gregory Scullion (born 4 May 1956 in London, England) is an Australian politician. He has been a Country Liberal Party member of the Australian Senate for the Northern Territory since November 2001. He sits with the National Party in the Senate, and has been the Leader of the Nationals in the Senate since 2013; having previously served in that role between 2007 and 2008; and as Deputy Leader of the National Party between 2007 and 2013.

Scullion has been the Minister for Indigenous Affairs in the Abbott Ministry since 18 September 2013.

Scullion was re-elected at the 2010 election and appointed Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs by Opposition leader, Tony Abbott.

In February 2012, Scullion appeared in the second episode of Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabb, when they went into the mud flats for crustaceans, which she has recalled as the most memorable show.

Following Joyce’s move to the House of Representatives in 2013, Scullion reclaimed his position of Senate leader but lost the deputy parliamentary leadership to Joyce.

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