Bal and VS Smith Pest Control Glencoe arrived here today. The Owner had organised the yearly spray. The guy doing the spraying and I chatted for awhile.

Pest Control Glencoe has a pretty good little setup. The little truck is well geared up to do most things I think.

The spraying is too keep down the bugs and bee’s. I showed him the bee’s buzzing around the old Farmhouse. He said he would give em a spray before he left.

He told me that the last people who rented here had mentioned that lots of snakes appear during summer. Aparently we will get at least a dozen or so.

I asked him if they get in the house. He said that they just get around the yard. I told him we already had a small yellow belly visit. We got onto the subject of Millicent being so far away. It would be touch and go to make it to the hospital if a brown snake got ya.

We agreed that it would be mighty quick trip to Millicent. Even so it may not be quick enough. He asked if I had any snake bandages. I don’t. So thats now on the shopping list for this week.

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