PicoPhone is a great little program that is excellent for Peer to Peer voice communications. Even people on dialup will be able to use PicoPhone. In fact it may be easier for dialup users due to routers requiring port forwarding to operate with PicoPhone fully.

Port Forwarding

If you have a router and you haven’t performed port forwarding. You will find that you are unable to make an outgoing call. The is because the router needs to be told that its ok to allow your pc to do this. However you will still be able to receive an incoming call. No port forwarding is required for this.

Since dialup users do not normally have a router to contend with. It just makes it that much easier for dialup users to get PicoPhone working quickly.

PicoPhone Images

http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pico1.jpg http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pico2.jpg

http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pico3.jpg http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pico4.jpg

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