Locate the System Tray.. Lower Right on the Desktop.

Double Click the Speaker Icon (Circled)

The ‘Volume Control’ or ‘Playback Mixer’, similar to this will appear.

Click on Options. (Top Left of ‘Volume Control’)

A drop down box will appear.

If there is not a tick alongside ‘Advanced Controls’

Select (Left Click) ‘Advanced Controls’ to place a tick next to it.

Select Options again.

This time Select ‘Properties’.

A Menu similar to this will appear.

Notice all the boxes are checked in this menu?

The top part of the menu has a Selection for ‘Playback’ and ‘Recording’.

Select ‘Recording’

Did you notice the bottom part of the menu changed?

Stereo Mix or Wave would be used to play music directly into the PalTalk room.

Make sure there is a checkmark alongside ‘Stereo Mix’ or ‘Wave’ or ‘What U Hear’.

It can be named by different titles by different sound card manufacturers.

Once you have placed your checkmarks or are happy with what you see.

Click the Ok button.

The ‘Record Mixer’ or ‘Recording Control’ will now appear.

Make sure the Stereo Mixer or Wave device is selected.

Control the volume level into the room with the appropriately selected slider.

Just remember to reselect Mic from this control when you want to talk in the room again.

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