What is Politics?

The corruption of the few against the many.

Better way?

Rather than invest a surplus into social infastructure they “feather the nests” of their mates and cronies.

Who makes the Laws?

The Rich make the laws in a Democracy. The public must content themselves with conflicting Internet Blogs.

Lack of Representation

The “system” is corrupt. Members of Parliament or your Representative, filter or ignore public held views. Police look for excuses to fine you. The fools risk social unrest because of their insatiable appetite for revenue. Extreme dictators have historically gained power because of some political failure of the existing system. The current ‘rulers’ of the developed world risk a similar future. The public are disillusioned with the same old system with the same old failures.

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2016-11-14 Politics

Hello bloggy my old friend.. I’ve come to talk with you again.. (apologies to S&G)

What am I not seeing here? Can someone please tell me what I have got wrong with this flowchart? Because if this is correct.. Why the hell are people right wing voters?

Do you see how they use society against itself? We give them a voice so they may tear down our society for greed.

They have no interest in "helping people" they only care for economic gains.

We all know that sooner or later we die. Rich or poor we all have the same leveller.

How do the rich peacefully go to their graves knowing that their actions or inactions have caused the suffering of countless people over the years? Why do they continue with this ideology knowing full well that people suffer and die as a result?

Have they no morals? Have they no compassion? Have they no humanity?

The politicians who have determined it acceptable to represent this ideology should be all thrown in jail and their assets seized. IMO If you do the crime.. then do the time..

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2014-02-03 Politics

7/11/13 Small target PM: Laurie Oakes discusses Tony Abbott, ‘the abominal no-man’ & Scott Morrison

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2010-09-04 Politics

Australian politicans who have been sucessfully elected to parliament (state and federal?) are awarded an endless pension. The amount of the pension is determined by the rate of payment they received as members of a parliament.

Quote: “In the 1997-98 fiscal year, Australian taxpayers shelled out $349,332 in retirement perks to Malcolm Fraser who served as our prime minister over 16 years ago. That’s not counting a large lump sum he received in superannuation. Fraser’s lifetime perks include a fully-staffed office, unlimited free first-class air travel round the country and access to a car and driver 24 hours a day. He spent $109,907 on limousine hire in 1997-98, including one 15-hour rental that cost taxpayers $1174. All former prime ministers who have served since 1966 are entitled to the same perks.

Former prime ministers are accorded special generosity. In two months following his elections loss in 1996, Paul Keating billed the taxpayer close to $94,000 for perks to aid his transition into private life. According to a government document released under the Freedom of Information Act, in the 68 days following his election defeat, Keating, a millionaire business consultant, spent $47,855 on travel along for himself, his wife and staff.

In his first year out of office, up until July 1997, Keating billed the taxpayer more than $620,000. This included $l56,602 for chauffeured limousines.

Serving prime ministers get other privileges. With the backing of their department, they can approve other MPs’ special requests.

On February 11, 1997, the federal Opposition asked John Howard in parliament whether he had supported an upgrade for one of Senator Mal Colston’s staff members shortly before Colston was to cast a crucial vote on the part-privatisation of communications giant Telstra. Acting on his department’s advice, Howard agreed to the upgrade. “Any suggestion of bought votes is absolute garbage,” he said. Nevertheless, he got Colston’s vote.

Ex-premiers also receive special perks. Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett introduced a deal to award long-serving ex-premiers, including himself when he retired, with lifetime use of a car and driver, an office, two full-time staff and 12 first-class domestic return air fares each year.

Particularly costly to taxpayers is the use of official cars by MPs. The most recent federal Department of Finance and Administration annual report shows that VIP transport for politicians, ex-politicians and High Court judges cost us well over $14 million in the 1997-98 fiscal year.”

See: http://www.multiline.com.au/~johnm/perks.htm

Back in 2006 some examples of South Australian political attitude towards their own perks.

Quote “South Australian state MPs elected in 2006 or later are now entitled to a 9 per cent super payout based on their parliamentary salaries of $129,000 a year.

Other jurisdictions, including NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory also have a 9 per cent scheme for new MPs and, according to individual government spokespeople, none have any plans for change.

Senator Xenophon said the solution was to raise super to 15 per cent for everybody.

Premier Mike Rann said yesterday he supported the super increase, and was not worried about the backlash from public servants facing job cuts.

“Our system has always been linked but set at a lower rate than the federal MPs,” he said. “There was an anomaly.”

The planned changes in South Australia have bipartisan support, but have been met with outrage by the Public Sector Association and the South Australian Council of Social Service, who argue it is not the time for politicians’ to improve their benefits when the state is facing severe budget cutbacks.”

See: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/mps-need-to-feel-pain-on-super-xenophon/story-fn59niix-1225911610419

And just to really put it in perspective…

Quote “TAXPAYERS face an estimated $18 million pension bill to support nearly two dozen MPs bowing out at this election. There are 20 MPs retiring and another three Senators who are not recontesting their seats and whose terms expire next July.

While pensioners have to survive on about $640 a fortnight, politicians receive pensions worth about twice the average wage.

They include Liberal MP David Hawker, who recently enjoyed a taxpayer-funded trip to Mongolia and Bhutan, who’ll receive about $120,000 a year.

Outgoing Finance Minister and Member for Melbourne Lindsay Tanner, 54, will get $111,000 a year, while ACT Labor MP Bob McMullan hits the jackpot with nearly $130,000 a year.

Victorian Liberal Fran Bailey walks away with an annual pension of about $116,000.

Another Victorian, the outgoing Member for Kooyong Petro Georgiou, will receive $91,000 a year.

MPs can opt to take half their entitlement in a lump sum, receiving 10 years’ worth in one hit. Those who do so continue to receive a half-pension until death.

Labor received a potentially explosive review of politicians’ entitlements prior to the election but failed to release it.”

See: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/election2010/revealed-retiring-mps-hit-massive-18-million-pension-jackpot/story-fn616huc-1225894369570

I think its time to stop what I consider to be a blatent ripoff. Politicians tend to be fairly well off prior to their proposed representation. I’m quite happy to allow a generous income to any politician who is without their own means of income in their old age.

I just dont see why Australian taxpayers should foot the bill for endless pensions to those X politicians who are wealthy. What I am suggesting is a means test for retired politicans. I do not see why this shouldnt be done. The politicians have proposed and imposed similar legislation on the public.

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2010-08-08 Politics

Want to stick a copy of this poll on your website?

<script src="http://twtpoll.com/js/badge.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="http://twtpoll.com/badge/?twt=9ddgp2&b=1&bt=1" type="text/javascript"></script>


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2010-08-05 Politics


Election.. Ho Hum.. Lets see who I have to vote for…

Find the link to the electorate I live in.. Barker..


Now.. what have we got here?

House of Representatives

Prospective Members of Parliament for Barker 2010

ImageSurname, FirstnamePolitical AllianceTweetsEmail Address
MOFFAT, Sean The Greens
McDONNELL, Simone Australian Labor Party
SECKER, Patrick Liberal
HONEYCHURCH, Trevor Family First
DAVIES, Steven Donald The Climate Sceptics


Prospective Senators for South Australia 2010

Wow what a mess! Many wannabe Senators.. Lets see if we can sort this out a bit..

  • ALDRIDGE, Mark Independent Manager Phone (home): 08 8284 7482 Phone (work): 08 8284 7482 Mobile: 0403 379 500 Email: aldridgemark@bigpond.com.
  • COCHRANE, Christopher Independent Hospitality/Home Duties Phone (home): 0401 805 248 Phone (work): 0401 805 248 Mobile: 0401 805 248 Email: cochrane_4_senate@hotmail.com
  • DRUMMOND, Michelle Independent Manager Wholesale Solar Mobile: 0413 995 561
Australian Democrats
Australian Sex Party
Australian Labor Party
  • GALLACHER, Alex Australian Labor Party Union Official Phone (work): 08 8346 4177
  • McEWEN, Anne [Current Senator] Australian Labor Party Senator PO Box 55 TORRENSVILLE SA 5031 Phone (work): 08 8352 7477 Email: senator.mcewen@aph.gov.au
  • WORTLEY, Dana [Current Senator] Australian Labor Party Senator 65 Walkerville Tce GILBERTON SA 5081 Phone (work): 08 8269 6520 Email: senator.wortley@aph.gov.au
  • FISHER, Mary Jo [Current Senator] Liberal Liberal Senator for SA Phone (work): 08 8223 1757 Email: senator.fisher@aph.gov.au
  • EDWARDS, Sean Liberal Vigneron
  • FAWCETT, David Liberal Defence Aviation Consultant Phone (home): 0437 814 252 Phone (work): 0437 814 252 Mobile: 0437 814 252 Email: david@fawcett.com.au
  • SALU, Peter Liberal Barrister
One Nation
  • EDMONDS, Robert George One Nation Retired Phone (work): 08 8294 2767
  • FITZPATRICK, Peter One Nation Meat Worker Phone (work): 0421 211 234 Mobile: 0421 211 234
Democratic Labor Party
  • RUSSELL, Paul D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Unemployed Mobile: 0407 500 881 Email: dlpforsa@esc.net.au
  • McCABE, David D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Clerical Officer Mobile: 0419 847 396 Email: dlpforsa@esc.net.au
Christian Democratic Party
  • STEPHEN, Joseph Christian Democratic Party Software Engineer Mobile: 0416 090 232 Email: joestephen@faithfulgenerations.com
  • REVINK, Frank Christian Democratic Party Builder
Careers Alliance
Senator Online
  • LANG, Simon Senator On-Line Student Mobile: 0403 993 612 Email:
  • DAWSON, Jamie Senator On-Line Storeman
Building Australia
Shooters and Fishers
  • LARSSON, Steve Shooters and Fishers Consultant
  • BORSAK, Robert Shooters and Fishers Accountant Mobile: 0419 977 097 Email: rborsak1@tpg.com.au
Socialist Alliance
  • CLARKE, Renfrey Socialist Alliance Security Officer PO Box 8060 STATION ARCADE SA 5000 Phone (home): 0423 170 762 Phone (work): 08 8231 6982 Mobile: 0423 170 762 Email: adelaide@socialist-alliance.org
  • RATCLIFFE, Ruth Socialist Alliance Community Development Worker PO Box 8060 STATION ARCADE SA 5000 Phone (work): 08 8231 6982 Mobile: 0403 679 742 Email: adelaide@socialist-alliance.org
Secular Party
  • SHARRAD, Scott James Secular Party of Australia Unemployed Mobile: 0403 835 058
  • CLARKE, Moira Secular Party of Australia Software Engineer Email: mclarke@secular.org.au
Liberal Democrats
  • KERRY, Nick Liberal Democrats (LDP) Consultant Phone (work): 0418 960 342 Email: n.kerry@ldpsa.org.au
  • CLARK, Megan Liberal Democrats (LDP) Teacher
Family First
  • DAY, Bob Family First Builder c/o Family First Secretariat 928 North East Rd MODBURY SA 5092 Phone (work): 08 8265 9442 Email: sec@sa.familyfirst.org.au
  • COLE, Andrew Family First Computer Analyst c/o Family First Secretariat 928 North East Rd MODBURY SA 5092 Phone (work): 08 8265 9442 Email: sec@sa.familyfirst.org.au
  • HENNESSEY, Thea Family First Home Duties c/o Family First Secretariat 928 North East Rd MODBURY SA 5092 Phone (work): 08 8265 9442 Email: sec@sa.familyfirst.org.au
Climate Skeptics
  • ASHBY, Leon Neville The Climate Sceptics Retired PO Box 394 MOUNT GAMBIER SA 5290 Phone (home): 08 8723 5550 Phone (work): 08 8723 5550 Mobile: 0435 423 636 Email: INFO@CLIMATESCEPTICS.COM.AU
  • ASHBY, Nathan The Climate Sceptics Student Phone (home): 0422 513 651 Phone (work): 0422 513 651 Mobile: 0422 513 651

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2010-08-01 Politics

I posted this as a comment to Herald: Gillard Story

In my opinion. Both Major partys have failed to represent us. Is it any wonder that neither side is wanted for government?

Im going to checkout the Independents that are running. I hope everyone else does the same thing. I think that the Greens and Independents will be the big winners this election.

Gillard displayed her ‘fairness’ when she changed the system for rural students. Rural people were literally ‘marching in the streets’ to oppose her. As a result, I doubt she will get many rural votes.

Abbott is well.. Abbott.. A Climate change skeptic, Typical Liberal, Just putting corporate interests ahead of his country.

Both major partys have fought a battle over issues that have little or no interest or relevance to Australians.

Vote Independent or Green.

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2010-04-22 Politics

Comments on: What the waitresses made of Rudd’s behaviour, heaven knows

Quote: “Neo-liberal dribble.. Neo-liberal dribble.. Neo-liberal dribble.. Wahhh.. Cry cry.. We lost the last election.. We lost John.. We lost George.. But at least we know climate change doesnt exist!”

Geez.. What is this claptrap? Is this the stamping ground of the NEO-LIBERALS only? I see no pro alp comments.. Only anti..

So I guess that means Rudd will be kicked out next election and we will have an Abbott to laugh at for a few years.

Seriously.. we are doing a Rudd bash are we?

Let me remind you about “Honest John”..

Gun Laws - July 1996, Wik - December 1996, Eroded Medicare - Private Health Insurance - July 1998, Sold Telstra - T1 Float - 1997, Sold Commonwealth Bank - 1997, Republic Referendum - Loaded Questions - November 1999, GST - July 2000, Boat People - August 2001, Sold Sydney Airport - June 2002, Asylum People in Detention - July 2002, Iraq War - March 2003, Tighten Social Security too hard - 2005, David Hicks - 2006, IR Laws - 2006, Soldiers Home in Body Bags - 2007, ID Card - (Was gonnna be) 2007.

You all know John Howard lost his SEAT dont you?

any idea why?

John overstepped the mark. John was too tough. After a few years in power. John thought he could get away with everything. The public educated John by refusing to allow him to hold his seat in parliament.

:) Having fun yet?

All PARTY politicians are corrupting parliament by the fact that they fail to represent the electorate. They instead support various Corporate and Religious demands.

Vote Independent and BANN party politics..

ps: I doubt you will publish this.. Why spoil a perfect Rudd bash?

pps: I will post it on my own site See: http://lazerzap.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl/Blog instead.. Thanks for the incentive..

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2010-01-19 Politics

Politics Corrupt as usual

I sit here reading articles all the time. I read read read.. I’m a good reader (I think..) I get a “buzz” from just finding out new things. (Thats probably why the internet is so popular?)

But just about everything I read about politics. Gives me a guts ache.

Everything the politicians touch or fiddle with seems to end up corrupted.

(Oh its always hidden beneath a scam so the public cant see how they are being used again.. and again..)

Common Good?

It’s not just Australia.. All over the world.

People in positions of power use their position in that society to further their own vested interests.

Even at the risk of the very system that gave them power to begin with.

History confirms this.

Why do we have the mistaken idea that politicians today have the “common good” central to their hearts? When almost every action that they display proves that its the same as what it has always been.

Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words?

Well yes they do.. Politicians are particularly well versed in how to “dupe” the public with election promices that are rarely kept. While “acting” to feather their nests.

I dont think the current world system is working very well. (what system??)

I say that if its too hard to change the various “systems” that make our little world tick over..

Answer: Transparency

Perhaps we are long long overdue for TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT.

That way corruption can be squashed.

I think all the people of the world should be asking for TRANSPARENCY.

NO big threat to existing systems of government.. Just clean them up.

I dont know of any people in the world that wouldnt benefit from TRANSPARENCY.

Up against the wall..

But of course the big corrupt assholes. The ones that take so much from all of us. They would complain bitterly..

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2009-12-09 Politics

Seeking Political Representation

I was told that I needed to contact my local Member of Parliament and State Senators if I wanted my opinion to be represented in Parliament.

Unfortunately.. It looks to me like a couple of the South Australian Senators are incapable of responding to EMAIL that has been sent to them.

A couple of these ELECTED Senators have decided NOT to read the waiting emails. Instead the emails are simply deleted.

Here is a copy of the Email that I sent:

 From: "lazerzap" <lazerzap@lazerzap.com>
 To: <senator.xxxxxxx@aph.gov.au>
 Subject:  IT IS MY WILL
 Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 16:27:29 +1030
 Organization: ComPerSol-Au
 Dear Sir/Madam, I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY 
 WILL on anything that comes before Parliament, or that should come 
 before Parliament. IT IS MY WILL that you take immediate action to make 
 sure that the new Youth Allowance criteria needs to be introduced based 
 on geographical disadvantage.. Yours faithfully, Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, 
 Clovelly Farmhouse. Robe Penola Road, Clay Wells. 5280

Copy of email receipts :

 From: "McEwen, Anne (Senator)" <Senator.Mcewen@aph.gov.au>
 To: "lazerzap" <lazerzap@lazerzap.com>
 Return-path: <Senator.Mcewen@aph.gov.au>
 Delivery-date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 21:02:49 -0400
 Received: from smtp2.aph.gov.au ([])
 Your message
 To:      McEwen, Anne (Senator)
 Subject:  IT IS MY WILL
 Sent:    Mon, 5 Oct 2009 16:56:57 +1100
 was deleted without being read on Tue, 20 Oct 2009 12:02:37 +1100

Copy of email receipts :

 From: "Elliott, Cristy (Sen N. Minchin)" <Cristy.Elliott@aph.gov.au>
 To: "lazerzap" <lazerzap@lazerzap.com>
 Return-path: <Cristy.Elliott@aph.gov.au>
 Delivery-date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 01:17:47 -0500
 Received: from smtp2.aph.gov.au ([])
 Your message
 To:      Minchin, Nick (Senator)
 Subject:  IT IS MY WILL
 Sent:    Mon, 5 Oct 2009 16:57:29 +1100
 was deleted without being read on Tue, 24 Nov 2009 17:17:14 +1100

Lazerzap's Political Stupidity Award

Due to the blatent disregard that politicians show towards the electorate. I have devised this award of displeasure. Anyway… The Lazerzap Award, for Pathetic Lack of Common Sense, Inferior Service, Lack of Tansparency, and most importantly, Supreme Stupidity in the 2009 Australian Federal Politics. Goes to:

Senator Nick Minchin

<senator.minchin@aph.gov.au> (clap.. Nooooo.. Booo… Hisss.. )

For not only being unable to read emails that have been sent to him. But for what I see as his obviously Corporate pointed interests. I believe him to be more financially/politically motivated in his life, than wanting to be remembered as a community builder.

From Wikipedia.. Check out Minchins credentials..

Telstra sell off Supporter

Minchin has been a strong proponent of privatisation and wholesale labour market deregulation. He has defended the full privatisation of Telstra, and argued that the Commonwealth should sell its Telstra shares to buy a portfolio of other income-earning investments rather than spend the profits on national infrastructure.

(Hmm.. Sounds like Minchin is the reason we now spend $43B on NBN?)

WorkChoices Supporter

In March 2006, Minchin received extensive media coverage when he highlighted the dilemma his government faced in the field of industrial relations and aired his views about future policy proposals. Speaking at a conference of the HR Nicholls Society where he told the audience that the coalition “knew its reform to WorkChoices were not popular but the process of change must continue”, and that “there is still a long way to go… awards, the IR commission, all the rest of it…”, he went on to say “The fact is the great majority of the Australian people do not support what we are doing on industrial relations. They violently disagree.”

Tobacco sceptic

In 1995 Minchin submitted a dissenting Senate report on the tobacco industry and the costs of tobacco-related illness that disputed the Committee’s statements that it believes cigarettes are addictive and that passive smoking is harmful. Minchin claimed the tobacco industry was over-regulated. He also disagreed with the conclusions about the addictiveness of nicotine and the harmfulness of passive smoking:

“ Senator Minchin wishes to record his dissent from the committee’s statements that it believes cigarettes are addictive and that passive smoking causes a number of adverse health effects for non-smokers. Senator Minchin believes these claims (the harmful effects of passive smoking) are not yet conclusively proved. . . there is insufficient evidence to link passive smoking with a range of adverse health effects. ” — Nick Minchin, Senate Committee’s Minority Report on Tobacco-related Illnesses

(Cough Cough Nick…)

A 2009 article in The Australian drew parallels between his stance on tobacco and his stance as a climate change skeptic.

Climate change sceptic

In a March 2007 letter, Minchin expressed doubts that climate change is caused by human activity. Minchin would later campaign against an emission’s trading scheme (ETS) bill. Of the effectiveness and sensibility of ETS bill he has said that it is unsound and an “abomination”, and of the motives behind its tabling that “Mr Rudd’s arrogance and vanity in wanting to lead the world in cutting CO2 emissions is really sickening”

On 22 September 2008, the parliamentary leader of the Liberal Party Malcolm Turnbull appointed Minchin as Shadow Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. Minchin had been previously Shadow Minister for Defence.

On 26 November 2009, Minchin resigned from the shadow cabinet in protest of Malcolm Turnbull’s position on the government’s emission trading scheme.

When Turnbull was defeated by Tony Abbott, Turnbull stated:

“ As Tony [Abbott] observed on one occasion, ‘climate change is crap’, or if you consider his mentor, Senator Minchin, the world is not warming, it’s cooling and the climate change issue is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to deindustrialise the world.


I think that sounds like a man who is totally bought and paid for with Corporate dollars.. What do you think?? I think the Wikipedia entry reads like a book on extreme Right Wing/Corporate Idealogy/Skulduggery.

Minchin has been a Senator for South Australia since 1993. Isn’t it time to READ the emails yet Nick?

Nick Minchin on Wikipedia

Senator Anne McEwen

Gets my dishonerable mention.


Anne McEwen (born 3 August 1954) is an Australian politician and has been a Labor member of the Australian Senate since July 2005, representing the state of South Australia. She was elected at the 2004 federal election.

McEwen is a deputy government whip.

Anne McEwen on Wikipedia

I think they are both perhaps too concerned with their Party Politics.

As well as performing (Cough) their duties as Senators for South Australia.

Minchin is also Leader of the Liberal Party in the Senate, McEwen is Deputy Whip of the Labor party.

Perhaps if they both concentrated on serving the community, rather than their political parties, they would be able to read EMAILS sent to them, and as a result, webpages like this wouldnt be created.

Don’t bother sending email to congratulate them for failing to make the grade..

Just remember the names.. They eventually have to face the public…

Comments on 2009-12-09 Politics

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