Kevin Michael Rudd (born 21 September 1957) is a former Australian politician who was twice Prime Minister of Australia, 26th Australian Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010, and again he was Australian Prime Minister during 2013. He was the first former Prime Minister to return to the office since Robert Menzies in 1949, and only the second Labor Prime Minister to do so.

Kevin Rudd was the 26th & 28th Prime Minister of Australia. He was referred to simply as Rudd when people didn’t like his policies.

2010-06-14 Kevin Rudd

It's Time! Kevin

Well Kevin.. I wish we didn’t have to have this little talk.. But we do.

Although I’ve been sniping at you over the past few months on twitter.

Secretly I’ve been hoping for you to wake up and start to listen to the voting public. Because, honestly, the prospect of a Liberal Party Government scares the crap out of me.

But.. You continue down your path to political extinction.

Kev.. Bro.. You need to understand this one fact. Your on the nose. Sorry to have to be the one person to wake you up.

It was too much way too fast.. and you quite frankly blew it.

Stimulus was too much. You should have cut back as the foolish Liberal party insisted. Because next thing.. Reserve Bank lifted rates again. So you simply over stimulated the economy. (Driving us toward debt faster than we needed)

You needed to get the insulation running again. You upset many people by not ‘fixing’ the problem and getting back to installing insulation.

ETS was flawed by not going far enough. As the Greens have suggested (and the public seem to agree with..) As a result the whole concept of the ETS received a less than lukewarm public acceptance. (The public know its basicaly a waste of time)

Then there is the Internet Filter. You hide behind Conroy as he ignores 90% of the public concerns.

Now, at the worst possible time. With fast falling public opinion. With an election looming. You inflame the mining companies to advertise against you.

It all reflects badly on you Kevin.

It shows you to be a stuborn man who refuses to listen to the will of the people. Like Howard before you. You have tempted the public to show their complete disapproval.

The only bad thing out of all this is that Australia doesnt deserve Tony Abbott with more Howard style fascism.

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