I hate email/forum/guestbook etc etc spam.

Its never just advertising. It’s always the seedy advertising that spammerz do. ‘Want Viagra?’, ‘Increase your size’, ‘Im a 23 year old lonely girl’, ‘Your help in transfering $2.54 Million’, ‘Credit has been approved’, ‘You have won a lottery’ etc etc etc etc…

Everyday millions of spams are sent out.

No-one stops it. The authorities (Internet Police??) have no authority it seems. Maybe they just lack the resources and will to trace the spammerz.

Whatever the reason. We are pretty well left to our own defences when dealing with spam.

Some people have a ‘Dont ever open or read email’ policy. While it certainly protects you from email distributed viruses and worms. It cuts back somewhat on your internet experience. Not being able to communicate outside of a chat program.

As a result I have installed a couple of programs on this server to filter out spam from my incoming emails. On the client side I presently use Outlook Express.

I have found Spamfighter to be a MicroSoft Gold affiliated product. ‘free’ for home use. So I am trialing it presently.

On the Mercury 32 server I have installed the supplied addons ‘Spamhalter’, ‘Clamwall’, and ‘Graywall’.

Hopefully this will keep the email spam down to an acceptable level in future.

I also decided that enough was enough tonight. I created a google group called RE5 SIG.

So that I could escape some really nasty spam that I’d been subjected too on :

Hopefully the active RE5 participants from the yahoo group will come across to the new google group.

(The spammerz can stay in the old empty group… please..)

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