Scott John Morrison (born 13 May 1968) is a member of the Australian House of Representatives and a member of the Liberal Party. He was elected in the 2007 Australian federal election to the Division of Cook, an electorate in the southern suburbs of Sydney, which include Cronulla, Caringbah, and Miranda. He has been the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (Australia) since 18 September 2013.

Political career

Morrison sought Liberal preselection for the Division of Cook in the 2007 election following the retirement of Bruce Baird, who served as the Member since 1998. He lost in the ballot 82 votes to 8 to Michael Towke, a telecommunications engineer and the candidate of the Liberals’ right faction.

However, allegations surfaced that Towke had engaged in branch stacking and embellished his resume. The state executive of the New South Wales Liberal Party disendorsed Towke and held a new preselection ballot, which Morrison won. The allegations against Towke were subsequently proved to be false, and The Daily Telegraph was forced to pay an undisclosed amount to settle a defamation suit filed by Towke.

In September 2008, Scott was appointed as a member of Malcolm Turnbull’s coalition frontbench as Shadow Minister for Housing and Local Government. Scott was the first Member for Cook to be appointed to a front bench for almost 40 years.

Morrison has served on parliamentary committees, including Deputy Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, House Committee on Economics, House Committee on Families, Community and Housing, and House Committee on Health and Ageing.

He has also served on Coalition’s Policy Committees on Social Policy, Education and Industrial Relations and Legal and Immigration issues as well as the Party Leader’s Taskforces on Party Reform and Reform of Federalism.

On 8 December 2009, Morrison became Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, coming into the cabinet for the first time during Tony Abbott’s first cabinet reshuffle shortly after winning leadership. He served on the Shadow Cabinet Committee on Border Protection. Abbott described Morrison as “a great talent who was one of the bright new stars of the new generation of MPs.”

In December 2010, 48 asylum seekers died in the Christmas Island boat disaster. On 15 February 2011, Morrison caused controversy when he publicly questioned the decision of the Gillard federal Labor government to pay for relatives of the victims to travel to funerals in Sydney.

In February 2013, Morrison was accused of vilifying asylum seekers with his hard-line reaction to a Sri Lankan man living in Sydney on a bridging visa being charged with the sexual assault of a university student. He said that the police should be notified of where asylum-seekers are living in the community, and that there should be strict guidelines for the behaviour of those on bridging visas while they await the determination of their claims.

In an interview on Sydney radio, he agreed that the situation of asylum seekers on bridging visas was basically the same as that of convicted prisoners on parole.

On 18 September 2013, Scott Morrison launched Operation Sovereign Borders, the newly elected Coalition Government policy aimed at stopping unauthorised boat arrivals leaving for Australia.


While serving as Managing Director of Tourism Australia, Morrison had a falling out with his boss, the Minister for Tourism at the time, Fran Bailey. To leave his position quietly, it was rumoured that Prime Minister John Howard offered Morrison the Liberal nomination for Cook. However, it was believed that he did not have the backing of local branches.

Earlier, a different candidate, Michael Towke, had been pre-selected in a contentious process where branch stacking was alleged. In August 2007, Towke was disendorsed by the New South Wales Liberal Party. A new pre-selection, which consisted of representatives of the state branch and of the local executive, endorsed Morrison, 26 to 14, over Peter Tynan.

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2014-03-24 Scott Morrison

This "News" has now been "pulled" from MSM..
The Missing News (from what I can work out..) is as follows..

Asylum seeker in legal appeal over data breach receives deportation notice An asylum seeker in legal appeal over data breach has received a deportation notice, despite assurances that those involved in court action would not be removed.

Basically, the names and personal details of 10,000 asylum seekers were leaked following the incident on Manus. This means that people know who they are. This means that they and their families could be in serious danger.

This guy is about to be sent back home.

The place he fled from.

And he'll be charged $5,000 for it.

And the information is out there that he sought asylum in Australia.

Chinese man in Villawood detention centre issued notice despite assurances those involved in court action would not be removed In a letter to the Chinese asylum seeker in Villawood detention centre, he was told he would be charged over $5,000 for his deportation and might be deported before his legal challenge is heard. Asylum seekers have been told they will foot the bill if their data-breach cases fail.




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2014-03-20 Scott Morrison

Changes to act would allow Scott Morrison to ‘play God’

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2014-02-03 Scott Morrison

So.. did you read them Scott??

Malcolm Fraser says Australian’s current asylum seeker approach ‘wretched’ & ‘towback’ wont work

Getting a bit sick of the “Operational Matters” Scott…

and now some comedy on how Morrison acts..

This is what it is all about Scott..

In mid-December, Morrison introduced a new “code of behaviour” for more than 20,000 “irregular” immigrants living in the community on bridging visas. This code doesn’t extend only to illegal behaviour but also includes being “disrespectful”, “inconsiderate” or even, in the minister’s words, a “nuisance”.

Morrison cited asylum seekers congregating in large numbers in apartments as the type of “antisocial” behaviour that could get them thrown into detention. “Currently there’s no provision to really manage that behaviour”, he said. If this code were applied to politicians, we would have to deport the lot of them and keep them under lock and key for life – but currently there is no provision to deal with their outrageous behaviour.

On 21 December, Morrison claimed never to have seen a damning letter from 15 doctors about the medical procedures on Christmas Island. His department had been in possession of it for a fortnight. The letter detailed “gross departures” from standard medical practices.

Gillian Triggs, president of the Human Rights Commission, said the 92-page document was “chilling in its scientific clarity” in describing the inhumane conditions on the island. Among the litany of degrading practices, the doctors listed antenatal care as one of the most serious.

Kinda make me Wonder.. Who you are Bloody hell are you Scott Morrison?

He worships at an American-style mega-church called Shirelive in his constituency, where the gospel of prosperity is preached in an auditorium that can accommodate over 1000 evangelicals. With its water baptisms and designer-shirt pastors, Shirelive has close ties with the better-known Hillsong community.

The founder of Hillsong, Harley Davidson–riding pastor Brian Houston, is one of Morrison’s mentors. In Who’s Who Morrison lists the church as his number one hobby, and his maiden speech reads in part like a personal testimony delivered on the last night of a church retreat. It included passages from Jeremiah and also the Book of Joel: “Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”

The more publicity that came Scott Morrison’s way, the more hardline he became. So much so that last February, on the morning when victims of the Christmas Island boat people tragedy were due to be buried in Sydney, he launched an ill-tempered attack on the government for paying for family members to make the long journey from Christmas Island.

Among them was Madian El Ibrahimy, a detainee at the Indian Ocean detention centre, whose wife, Zman, four-year-old son, Nzar, and eight-month-old daughter, Zahra, had all died at sea.

“Do you think you run the risk of being seen as heartless on the day of these funerals to be saying — to be bickering over this money?” asked ABC reporter Barbara Miller, whose report that morning was broadcast on AM. Morrison replied: “When it comes to the question of do I think this is a reasonable cost then my honest answer is, ‘No, I don’t think it is reasonable.’”

Seasoned commentators struggled to recall a nastier instance of gutter politics from a senior politician since the heyday of Pauline Hanson. Labor accused him of “stealing soundbites from One Nation”.

Seemingly blindsided, Tony Abbott gave the remarks a lukewarm endorsement when he appeared on Andrew Bolt’s MTR radio program later that morning. “It does seem a bit unusual that the government is flying people to funerals,” said Abbott, though he cushioned his response with genuine sympathy for the survivors.

Instead, it was left to Joe Hockey to condemn the remarks: “I would never seek to deny a parent or a child from saying goodbye to their relative.” Then came an acid shower of criticism from party elders. John Hewson called his comments “inhumane”. Malcolm Fraser was scornful: “I hope Scott Morrison is just a fringe element in the party.”

More woundingly, Bruce Baird also slapped down his one-time protégé: “I’m very disappointed that Scott would make those comments. It is lacking in compassion at the very time when these people have been through such a traumatic event.”

Most Recently…

From “The Age” Newpaper comes this piece : “Claims of ill-treatment of asylum seekers by Australian navy personnel has led to another round of ABC bashing.” by Jonathan Holmes

On January 8, the ABC reported that asylum seekers from Sudan and Somalia were claiming that the Australian navy had towed their boats from an island near Darwin to the Indonesian island of Rote. The main emphasis of the report was on the tow-back claim, because the government has refused to confirm or deny whether it was actually towing boats back.

But the ABC did air allegations of ill-treatment by the navy, made in telephone interviews from Kupang in West Timor. “They beat them,” claimed one asylum seeker. “They punch all people,” claimed another. The ABC, as far as I can determine, carried no reports back then about burnt hands.

The next morning, January 9, Fairfax Media and Seven News carried similar claims, repeated to their own reporters. “Handcuffed, thrown to the floor and beaten”, Seven News reported.

Fairfax newspapers went further. “Bashka Ibrahim Nooris and Ahmed Ali Noor, from Somalia, said they had been made to put their hands on the boat’s muffler, which was hot,” they reported. “Rote Island police chief Hidayat told Fairfax Media: ‘We did see burn injuries on their palm.’”

In the face of emphatic denials by the ADF and the government, the story died. What brought it back to life was the acquisition by the ABC’s Jakarta correspondent George Roberts – from whom, he has never said – of footage of asylum seekers being examined at a police clinic in Kupang, and dramatic still photographs of their severely burnt hands.

Last Wednesday, from early morning onwards, the ABC went big with the story. As well as reporting the physical evidence of burns, Roberts told listeners to AM that morning: “The local police chief backs the asylum seekers’ story that the Australian navy made them hold on to a hot engine pipe.”

That’s a claim that Roberts hasn’t been able to support, and hasn’t repeated. The most that chief detective Sam Kawengian has done on the record is to confirm that the asylum seekers have made such claims, and state that in his view they should be investigated by someone. That exaggeration aside, Roberts’ reporting has been sober and factual – in my view.

But not in Scott Morrison’s. He responded later that day with a full-blooded counter-attack.

“The Australian government is not going to put up with people sledging the Australian navy with unsubstantiated claims … without evidence … without facts to back them up.”

When it was put to him that clearly burns had been inflicted somehow on at least some asylum seekers, Morrison didn’t accept even that. “I think the mere publication of things that are clearly so unsubstantiated is very unfortunate,” he said.

But neither Morrison, nor the ADF, has laid any facts of their own on the table. Hamstrung by their determination not to admit that boats have been towed back, they have been reduced to discreetly briefing their friends in the media and elsewhere.

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