Sulumits Retsambew = Webmaster Stimulus

Will Spencer from NetBuilders.Org had an idea to Stimulate Webmasters. So far he seems to have achieved his desire. :)


“It’s 2009 and we haven’t seen a really great SEO contest in the last few years. Meanwhile, Google has not slowed down the pace of algorithm changes.

Google uses over 200 factors to determine the order of their search engine results and makes over 300 changes to their algorithm every year.

It’s pretty obvious that no one, inside or outside of Google, really truly understands the ranking algorithm.

So, let’s do some testing!”

See: NetBuilders.Org

Have WE made it into google yet?

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Checkout my Sulumits Retsambew image.

Googles Sulumits Retsambew Entry..

2009-04-29 Sulumits Retsambew

Good Moaning… (It’s 7.05am here)

My attempts to get listed in Google aren’t working too well. It’s the 29th and I’m still not listed.. :(

Dang it.. I didn’t want to have to actually ‘work’ to get this thing listed. lol

Im not sure how Oddmuse presents itself to Google… So…

I will make a Sulumits Retsambew “HTML” page with real fair dinkum ‘meta tags’ and see how I go.. lol

This will be/is the URL.

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2009-04-26 Sulumits Retsambew

Today I discovered a new? SEO competition. At competitions end, the top 3 websites on google for ‘Sulumits Retsambew’ win a cash prize.

(Donated to the charity of the winners choice)

Net Builders SEO Contest Rules

Goal: To win, you must place first, second, or third in Google’s organic SERPs for the targeted keywords. Indented listing do not count – each domain can win only one prize.

Start Date: 15 March, 2009

Finish Date: 15 August, 2009 - High Noon GMT

Prizes: First Place: $1,000 Second Place: $500 Third Place: $250

This was my ‘entry’ to the SEO competition, located on page 78 of the competitions forum. (Yeah.. I only found it today.. I dont expect to finish very highly at all..)

Here is what I wtote…

“Howdee.. I have an Oddmuse Wiki..

I thought it would be interesting to see how it performs in your contest.. lol

Its hanging off located precisely at 2009-04-26 Sulumits Retsambew funnily enough..

btw.. Unlike most of u.. My server is connected thru my 31.2 kbps dialup.. Im seriously not looking for too much traffic.. lol (my kids will force me to disable the httpd server if u lagg Runescape too much..)

But.. The site is already listed in google.. So it may be interesting…

‘To enter the contest, you must post the domain you are entering into the contest in a message here at NetBuilders.’

Ok.. Done..”

Click Sulumits Retsambew for my full Sulumits Retsambew Journal.

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