What is a BigPond?

Bigpond is the Internet division of Telstra Corporation.

Dedicated ip range?

I contacted Telstra BigPond the other night to try and find out information about how I would go about applying the ip number from the range I own to my current internet connection.

(Sigh.. Yes I get dialup from them.. Hopefully.. Not for much longer..)

Too Hard to Answer

That was too hard to answer. So I guess businesses in Australia must go through other isp’s because the Telstra BigPond representative I spoke to had no idea at all.

Try the Telstra.com Website

I was pointed towards their website http://www.telstra.com/hosting/ as being the answer to my question. (it of course was not..) The information customers seek is hidden between endless sales options on nearly every page. (If you dont get a 404 error.. Try searching for hosting..)

Waste my Time? - Why bother!!

So.. Time to try another ISP for service I think. Telstra have completely lost their direction. The customer is no longer important to them.

Remember ISDN?

ISDN was an option for remote internet users who required more bandwidth than dialup could offer. ISDN offered double the capacity of dialup. (Because it used 2 phone lines..) ISDN like DSL allowed the customer to take or make phone calls while still remaining connected to the internet. Unfortunately ISDN was withdrawn by Telstra. I think, to force their existing customers to migrate to their new, propriety, Next G, (3G on Telstra frequency) Wireless network.

2G/3G/Next G

Next G and 3G are pretty well the same technology. However, Telstra chose to operate their “Next G” on a different frequency from 3G.

This forced existing 2G/3G owners to buy new Next G equipment.

I really do wonder at how Telstra chose to “adjust” their “Next G” so as to render it incompatible with existing 3G systems.

No-one fixes it!

I really do wonder why the Australian public havn’t forced the Government to police the Communications carriers.

Wasn't ISDN cheap? no..

For $94 connected at 128 kbps on ISDN a user could transfer aproximately 30 GB of data per month.

Compared to the $109.95 Wireless offering that allows up to 3GB of data transfer. Many users used to run over their 3GB quota and cost themselves a lot of extra dollars. until recently Telstra offered no shaped plans for Wireless. Charged 0.15c per megabyte when you exceeded Telstra’s crummy 3GB total limit.

Thankfully, at the time of writing, (Re-Edited: 11th April 2010) Prices are cheaper. (10GB for $119.95 per month) All Wireless plans are now shaped to 64/64kbps once you have exceeded your selected plans data allowance.

Vote! Vote! Vote!

2010-04-10 Telstra BigPond

Telstra have finally “shaped” some of their Wireless Internet Plans. At last people stuck on 31.2kbps RIM Dialup have a reasonably inexpensive alternative.

I decided to give Telstra Bigpond Wireless a try. Initially I determined to go with the cheapest 400MB plan. I installed the system and began to use it. The allocated 400MB was used up within the first 2 days. Then the account was automatically shaped back to 64kbps. But still the improvement over the RIM dialup at 31.2kbps was obvious.

Problem with this is. I then decided that I would try out the 6GB plan. So I called up Telstra Bigpond and requested that my selected plan be changed over. As luck would have it.. (or good planning) The next day (1st of the Month) My new plan took effect.

Well it took 9 days to burn through the 6GB that cost $79.95.

(I didn’t even visit you tube.. sigh I mainly just got a lot of (overdue) Microsoft updates.. Ahh the joys of loosing 31.2kbps dialup)

So.. It becomes obvious that If I actually wanted to cover my usage properly.. (at the connection speed that Telstra forces on me) I’d probably need at least 18GB (3 times 6GB) by the look of it.

Which brings me to the main point in writing this:

Why can’t I select the SPEED of connection that I PREFER?

Which I would think is technically possible due to the way that the providers are able to “shape” you when your allocated bandwidth has been consumed.

At 1500/256 I burn through 6GB in 9 days..

Grrr: TELSTRA how about offering the public some plans that allow us to maintain a decent internet connection without costing us an arm and a leg?

If I was given the option of plans that allowed me to select the SPEED of connection as well as the allocated bandwidth before shaping.

Well.. Lets just say that IF Telstra had plans like this:

Plan NameBandwidthSpeedPrice
BigPig Liberty® 0/640GB64/64$29.95
BigPig Liberty® 1/1281GB128/128$39.95
BigPig Liberty® 3/2563GB256/64$49.95
BigPig Liberty® 6/5126GB512/128$79.95
BigPig Liberty® 10/150010GB1500/256$119.95

That 6GB would have lasted me 3 times as long at 1/3 the speed for the same price.. Hmmmm

See what I mean? I’d at least be able to maintain a much better than RIM dialup connection speed without breaking the budget or (you would think) without upsetting Telstra’s shareholders.

I think Telstra would like us all to have multiple 10GB accounts. Because Telstra DONT currently offer the public these sort of wireless plans.

I guess I will have to change back to the 400MB plan.. :( But at least when the Wireless Plan has been “shaped” at 64kbps. We can still get twice the bandwidth of a RIM afflicted dialup.

This is a huge improvement for people who live rurally in Australia.

See: Telstra: Next G Coverage Maps

I think that as long as you can get Telstra Next G coverage.. (Check using the Telstra Next G Map in the iframe above) Anyone who is still connected through a RIM dialup should sign up for a Liberty 400MB plan. (Just don’t say I dont warn you about the temptation to spend more and go faster)

It might now be time to look a little more closely at exactly what Telstra’s current Next G Wireless Internet plans are:

Plan nameDataPrice
BigPond Liberty® 400MB.4GB $29.95
BigPond Liberty® 1GB1GB $39.95
BigPond Liberty® 3GB3GB $49.95
BigPond Liberty® 6GB6GB $79.95
BigPond Liberty® 10GB10GB$119.95

Remember: When you exceed your data allocation you will be shaped to 64/64kbps.

See: Bigpond Plans and Offers

Question: What kind of internet do you get if you sign up for a Bigpond Liberty® plan?

Answer: HSDPA: has a web browsing feel and download speed comparable to a 1500/256k ADSL connection with slightly higher latency.

NetworkDownload SpeedUpload SpeedLatency
HSDPA (3.5G)500 – 1500 Kbit/s300 Kbit/s80 – 120ms
UMTS (3G)150 – 384 Kbit/s64 Kbit/s120 – 1500ms
EDGE (2.5G)100 – 150 Kbit/s80 Kbit/s200 – 1500ms
GPRS (2G)20 – 50 Kbit/s20 Kbit/s800 – 2500ms

Latency: High numbers indicate slow response. Lower latency numbers are better.

Don’t forget the competition to Telstra.. (If your lucky enough not to live rurally.) Because they can all offer HSPDA connections as well.. (In their 3G blanket areas)

From what I can see. If your located within range of a 3G Vodafone or Optus tower. A UMTS connection might work well for someone like me. The allocated data would last much longer at UMTS speeds compared to HSPDA and you would still get a decent improvement over a RIM connected dialup.

Telstra Next GYesNoYesYes
Vodafone 3G YesYesNoYes
Three 3GYesNoYesYes
Optus 3GYesYesNoYes

  • Telstra: Next G is capable of 14.4Mbit/b; 7.2Mbit/s on clients by firmware upgrade planned.
  • Vodafone: HSDPA in limited areas only.
  • Three: Beware Roaming to Telstra Network or 0.50c per MB charges will apply.
  • Optus: HSDPA in limited areas only.

Quote: “Three’s Roaming agreement with Telstra only enables Data in places that are covered by Three’s data or some select other places. You’ll find certain places work fine roaming for voice but no data it’s purely part of their agreement.”

See: Whirlpool: Avoid 3's roaming charges by changing APN

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2009-09-02 Telstra BigPond

BigPond Hosting Services

Telstra BigPond offer their hosting services for Home and Business users in various configurations.

Personal Hosting

PurchaseSupplierPlanStorageBandwidthDomainsSub DomainsMailboxesSetup FeePer MonthPer YearAdd StorageExcess DataDomain NameWebsite Builder
Buy NowTelstraBronze1GB3GBUnknownUnknown1$0.00$9.95$119.40$22GB$154.00GB$24.00Included
Buy NowTelstraSilver2GB10GBUnknownUnknown5$0.00$14.95$179.40$22GB$154.00GBIncludedIncluded
Buy NowTelstraGold4GB30GBUnknownUnknown10$0.00$19.95$239.40$22GBCappedIncludedIncluded
Buy NowPCHostFree300MB10GB661$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00Included
Buy NowramHOSTStandard2GB40GBUnlimited5050$0.00$1.33$16.00$0.99GB$0.99GB$0.00Included
Buy NowCountrySA.ComIntermediate600MB300GB55300$0.00$5.95$71.40$0.00$0.00$0.00Included
Buy NowFiveBeanTurbo60GB600GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited$0.00$4.41$53.00$0.00$0.00$15.00Included

Business Hosting

PurchaseSupplierPlanStorageBandwidthDomainsSub DomainsMailboxesSetup FeePer MonthPer YearAdd StorageExcess DataDomain NameWebsite Builder
Buy NowTelstraPremium200200MB10GBUnknownUnknown9999$64.00$39.95$479.40$44.00GB$80.00GB$49.00Included
Buy NowTelstraPremium500500MB20GBUnknownUnknown9999$97.00$65.95$791.40$44.00GB$80.00GB$49.00Included
Buy NowTelstraPremium800800MB30GBUnknownUnknown9999$105.00$89.95$1079.40$44.00GB$80.00GB$49.00Included
Buy NowTelstraPremium30003GB40GBUnknownUnknown9999$105.00$329.95$3959.40$44.00GB$100.00GB$49.00Included
Buy NowFiveBeanTurbo60GB600GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited$0.00$4.41$53.00$0.00$0.00$15.00Included

BigPond Vs Competition = BigPond Fail

Look at the EXTREME difference in the BigPond price structure compared to other more competitive internet hosting companies. When will the Telstra stockholders realise their investments are being squandered by the decision to hold hosting prices so high?

Premium "Add-On" Hosting Charges

BigPond have determined to “charge” a “Premium” for what many people would consider standard webhosting features. Modern hosting providers utilise industry standard “Control Panels” (Fantastico, etc) to impliment these ‘default’ features. BigPond has again shown it’s appetite for profit.

BigPond Website Builder

StandardPer Month
Premium 200$39.95
Premium 500$65.95
Premium 800$89.95
Premium 3000$329.95

AdvancedPer Month
Premium 200N/A
Premium 500$70.95
Premium 800$94.95
Premium 3000$334.95
BigPond Business Mail

MailboxesPer Month

Note: *Premium* Hosting services Only.
Cached Servers: Afterburner.com

LevelCache LocationPer Month
Level 1USA$25
Level 2USA$59
Level 3USA$155
Level 1JAPAN$100
Level 2JAPAN$236
Level 3JAPAN$620
LevelVisitors per Month
Level 1Less than 1,000
Level 2Less than 10,000
Level 3Less than 100,000
BigPond Streaming Media

StreamsDataPer Month

Additional data is charged at
$132 per GB.

BigPond Additional Data Sources

Hosting PlanSetup Fee per DSN
Premium 200N/A
Premium 500$66
Premium 800$66
Premium 3000$66
BigPond ColdFusion MX

Hosting PlanPer Month
Premium 200N/A
Premium 500N/A
Premium 800$15
Premium 3000$50
BigPond SQL

Hosting PlanSQL DatabasesSetup FeePer Month
Premium 200LiteN/AN/A
Premium 500Lite$65$11
Premium 800Standard/Premier$121$15
Premium 3000Standard/Premier$121$30
BigPond SSL

SSL KeysLevelPer Year
Comodo128 bit$250
Thawte40 bit$495
Thawte128 bit$935
Verisign40 bit$825
Verisign128 bit$1,980


See: BigPond WebForum

  • $11 per month.

Additional Mailing Lists

See: BigPond Additional Mailing Lists

  • Monthly: $11 per 1,000 mailing list subscribers per month.

Note: Cannot contain more than 10,000 subscribers.

Additional Security Tokens

See: BigPond Additional Security Tokens

  • $5 per month per additional token.

Note : 26 tokens max.

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