VP Commodore

VP Commodore (Berlina)

I recieved around $2000 because of KRudd's economic stimulus package. My 92 Ford was totally on its last legs. (Valve Issue - 92 Ford)

Cost $1000 from Ebay

On new years eve 2008/2009 I found myself in Melbourne, spending $1000 to buy a VP Commodore Berlina I'd found on ebay.

Damaged Mudguard and Wheel Alignment

When I purchased the car. It had some damage to the drivers side mudguard and indicator. Thankfully the previous owner 'threw in' a replacement mudguard. I installed it within the first couple of days.

Low Kilometers

The car only had 145k on the clock when I picked it up. Almost up to date logbooks in the glovebox. I put a permit on it and drove it back to South Australia on the same night. The car suffered from really bad wheel alignment. As a result the steering wheel shook all the way home.

All Repaired (Finally)

This has now been rectified. $145 for 3 months South Australian rego. $360 on a new set of cheap tyres and $55 on a wheel alignment. $100 Service. Car is near enough perfect now. (Thankyou KRudd for the futher economic stimulus)

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