I was able to complete The Battle at Clovelly with only minor casualties. However the Victor Lawnmower developed some issues.

The zip starter cord broke.

I started by dissassembly of the Victor. Removal of the top cover.


Then removal of the inner cover.


Allowed access for removal of the Zip Starter.


Three Screws removes the Zip Start.


So I repaired that. A task in itself.

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/graphics/lawn/dissassemble5.jpg http://lazerzap.zapto.org/graphics/lawn/dissassemble6.jpg

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/graphics/lawn/dissassemble7.jpg http://lazerzap.zapto.org/graphics/lawn/dissassemble8.jpg

Now check the Zip Start.. Works!! You Beauty!!


While I had the Victor apart I decided to investigate a loud noise that had developed. The noise worried me. Definately a metal on metal sound that seemed to vanish when the engine revs increased.


So at the end of the initial cut of The Battle at Clovelly I decided to take the Victor Lawnmower apart to see if I could find out what was going wrong.

Well I found out what the metal on metal sound was. The decompression device had vibrated itself into two pieces. :(

First of all I thought that a simple circlip would fix the decompression device. However after looking into it more deeply. I have now come to the conclusion that a replacement unit would be a better option.

There are just too many pieces to this device… As you can see..


So on Wednesday the 5th December, when I next go to Millicent I will get a replacement. A price of $28 has been quoted.

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