Do you want to know how fuel tax in Australia works?

No? Well.. Pffffttt..

Each Litre of Fuel is treated like this..

We have the Excise Tax. The Excise Tax is collected by the state governments.

  • $0.38143 per litre on Unleaded Petrol fuel (Includes standard, blended (E10) and premium grades)
  • $0.38143/0.40143 per litre on Diesel fuel (Ultra-low sulphur/Conventional)
  • $0.00 (Excise-Free) per litre on Liquified petroleum gas used as fuel (Autogas or LPG as it is commonly known in Australia)
  • $0.38143 per litre on Ethanol fuel (Can be reduced/removed via Grants)
  • $0.38143 per litre on Biodiesel (Can be reduced/removed via Grants)
  • $0.02854 per litre on Petrol used for Aviation

Then the Cost of the fuel it self. Say.. .80c per Litre.

Then the GST. (Currently 10%) Collected by the Federal Government.

works out to be..

  • .38c Excise Tax + .80c Real Cost of Fuel + .12c Goods and Services Tax = $1.30c per Litre

Thats .50c Alone in Tax!!.. 38% of the cost.

Without the Taxes we would be currently only paying 80 cents per litre.

(We have been paying $1.32 per litre in Millicent for months now.)


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