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Unicycle across Australia

Driving home to Clovelly after doing the weekly shopping in Millicent. We were just past the Furner turnoff when we went past a guy on a Unicycle. What the heck is someone doing out here on a Unicycle?

Man on a Mission

Well it seems Sid Rajan is a man on a mission. He is attempting to be the first person to Unicycle from Perth to Sydney.

Images of Sid during the 2009 Tour

Zoom in on Unicycle1

Zoom in on Unicycle2

Zoom in on Unicycle3

Zoom in on Unicycle4

Zoom in on Unicycle5

Zoom in on Unicycle6

Zoom in on Unicycle7

Zoom in on Unicycle8

The 3 Oceans Unicycle Tour

“The 3 Oceans Unicycle Tour is a west coast to east coast, unicycle ride along the Australian southern coast. When completed, adventure unicyclist, Sid Rajan will be the first to unicycle across Australia.”

Part One (COMPLETED!):

  • Perth to Adelaide along the Southern coast.
  • Distance: 3700km.
  • June-July 2009.
  • Includes crossing the 1200km Nullarbor Plateau from Norseman to Ceduna.

Part Two:

  • Adelaide to Sydney via Melbourne and Canberra.
  • Distance: 2049km.
  • November-December 2009.

“Sid will use the time between the two parts to complete his thesis and fundraise for the ride.


The ride will be raising funds for:


If you see Sid out there give him a wave.. Maybe sign his guestbook..


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