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Lafayette Micro 66 - 6 Channel push button selection. The first CB radio I ever saw! (Apart from Walky Talkys)
Hi... I have been active with "radio" for many years.Initially I was only interested with Short wave listening. (SWL)When I was a teenager. I had a wall filled with QSL cardsfrom many international short wave stations.

Then those original interests broadened. I got into studying basic electronics. Then operating CB radio.At first I had walky talkys. My first real radio was a 23 AM Channel Pony.

When I was 16 (Around 1973).I attended a CB convention in Morwell Victoria.CB radio was not authorized by the Australian governmentat this stage.The purpose of the conventionwas to get CB radio off the ground in Australia.

While at the conventionI applied for and received a much sought after KT callsign.(KT stood for Kangaroo Territory) I became KT-954.

It is the only callsign I have ever used from that point onwards. The callsign became shortened to just 954 to many of my friends.But when the DX was rolling.. Kilowatt Tango 954 often became active.(I've even used the numbers as a redirect to my website.


See you on 27.555 - The pirate channel of choice! Actually - Most of the time I will be on 27.355 LSB
At one time I studied for my Ham license.(But I never sat for the exam)I played with CB for many years.Collecting QSL cards from CB'ers too.Eventually I progressed to high powered (Ex Ham/Pirate) equipment.

Click here for a LARGER IMAGE of the ultimate pirate radio of the 1970's-1980's - Yaesu's FT101

I had a couple of Yaesu's. FT101B's, FT101E, FT107M, and an FT7B.My Radio Shack V Quad Beam was rarely idle.But after working a couple of sunspot maximums.My interest in working DX on 27Mhz started to wane.At that point I suppose I should have finally sat for that Ham license.

Recomended Reading

If you are into SWL. One website that I do recomend is Short Wave Possums .Patrick has provided a lot of information via a free bbs for many years.I used to logon to his bbs in the pre-internet days.

RealAudio Broadcasts

LA Police Dept.
Texas Police Dept.
Dallas Police Dept.
NY Police Dept.
Phoenix Police Dept.
Mercer Police Dept.
Plano Police Dept.
Rynldbrg Police Dept.
Seattle Police Dept.


Chicago Airport
Alibene Airport
Philadelphia Airport
Logan Airport

NASA & Govt.

HC - NASA TV - Video/Audio
LTC - NASA TV - Video/Audio
5 City TV - US Govt TV - Video/Audio

Station Lists

Full List?
Search for Radio Stations
BBC on the net - English
Australian Listening - English
News Radio Wordwide - English


If anyone has any other "links"to realplayer broadcasts that they think I would like.Please email me with the information.I will add them to this webpage.Anyway... Please follow my links to see what I doon CB radio here in Australia..By the way.. I still have both UHF and 27Meg CB radios operational...So you might still hear me out there... Somewhere...To find out more about my hobby...Please select one of my other CB webpages.

Radio Stations

Radio Australia - English
Radio France International - Various Languages
Radio Netherlands - Various Languages
Radio Israel - English/Hebrew
Radio Peili Helsinki - English/Finish
Radio Canada International News - English

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