Senator the Hon Kay Patterson - Minister for Family and Community Services

My Problem with the "Minister of Family and Community Services"

Email Sent 4th/Feb/2005

After numerous attempts to aquire a benefit from centerlink.
I was advised that the problem I am experiencing is being caused
as a direct result of liberal party legislation.
How long does a care giver for 2 primary school aged children,
Have to wait for a benefit?
Because I am finding it impossible to survive with the inadaquate
resources the liberal government has offered me.
Since the 19th January 2005. I have had my children full time.
The legislation that is in place..
Requires centerlink to verify that i have custody of my children.
But they are unable to verify this... So.. I wait.. and wait and wait..
My children attent Kangaroo Area School.
Each day I travel 155klms so that my kids can attend their school.
This is costing me A$16 per day. Out of a single Newstart payement.
(Which is all I am able to access)
I have to devote $160 per fortnight towards school travel.
As well as pay rent. The various bills. Motor Registration. etc etc..
This as I am quite sure you already know.. Is quite impossible.
So.. Do you want to fix this problem?
How about REALLY making children a priority?
How about relaxing the requirement for obtaining information from the
"Loosing Parent" (Your departments term.. Not mine)
Maybe kids wouldnt suffer so much?
or to protect next years budget surplus??
Whats more important to this Government?
Let your actions determine.
Thank You for the time taken to read this.
Your Expected Reply and a Copy of this correspondance can be viewed at
my website
If you loose the url.. Entering lazerzap into any search engine will find it.. ;)

Parliamentary Secretary