I like fords.. I have owned quite a few over the years.

The first ford I ever owned was a 1969 302 Winsor ZB Fairlane.
I liked that car.
The C4 transmission blew up the night after I bought it.
The car yard I bought it from paid for a second hand replacement.
(I installed it in the rain in a service station by myself.. lol)

I swapped that car to my friend T.R. for an XY 351 Winsor Panelvan.

If you like XY's - Click her to visit my GT page.

The XY Panelvan is seen here in a wrecking yard.
After I had a serious smash with a late model Fairlane. :(
I did this car right up. Bodywork.. Mechanicals.. etc etc..Spent heaps.
I had her on the road for 10 days and then smashed her. :(
The other side is a complete write off.

A lady driver came through a give way sign.
Right into the drivers side of the car.
I was not happy.

I had numerous other cars in between.

Many years later I bought this XD 351 Fairmont Stationwagon.
She was on gas. Had electric windows. etc etc..
A real nice package.

I had this vehicle when I was in the Shop - Click here to see the Shop

I drove the XD around for some years.
It was one of the best fords I've ever owned.
One day the cops decided she was too low.
So they gave her a defect notice.
I was un-employed at the time. So she stayed off the road. :(

Then I bought this 1972 XB GS Falcon sedan.

I took this car all over the place. - Click here to see this XB on an Interstate Journey.

She was a nice car.
Unfortunately the engine started to blow a bit of fat.
So I sold her.
I wish I still had it tho.
It was a good reliable vehicle.

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