Hmmm what to write here..
Over the years I have made many friends.
Most of these people I met through motorcycles or the CB radio.

I met Alex many years ago. My mate Steve introduced me to him.
"You'll like Alex... He's like us.." I remember Steve saying.
When I was in need Alex offered me (and my girlfriend) a roof over my head.
Alex had been in the Army for years prior to my meeting him.

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Unfortunately he had his leg damaged severely by a drunk car driver.
Which has never stopped Alex from riding his beloved motorcycles.
He proved himself a friend over and over.
Many times I have called on him at odd hours with some problem or other.
No matter if it's a mechanical breakdown he rarely lets me down.

I met Russell off the CB radio.
Russell is one of those guys that grows on you.
After you get to know him. You find a man with a heart of gold.
Alex, Russell and I used to share Alex's house at one stage.
We had some fun and not so fun times back then.
I remember sharing a variety of houses with Russell and various Girlfriends.

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He used to be quick to anger. But that was when he was young.
(I think we all were back then)
In a fit of rage he actually gave away his car once!
Some people may have kept the car.
A true friend returns it when the situation cools down.
Age has mellowed him nowadays.
This guy would never hesitate to help a friend in need.

I met John off the CB radio.
John is a brilliant technician.
He's been into radio and electronics since he was a boy.

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Not forgetting computers.
John's a bit of an all rounder.
I initially met John through Russell.

I met Gwyn one day through the CB radio.
The Blue Pumpernickel was his callsign.
He mentioned that he had a Pontiac.
He played the guitar. (brilliantly)
I used to fool around with the guitar.
We used to hang with each other all the time.
Doing the CB thing from high spots and having a lot of fun.

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After awhile I used to do roady work for Gwyn's various bands.
He was always decidated towards being successful in the entertainment industry.
I think he was certainly heading that way last I've heard of him.
Over time I lost contact with him.
Every so often I would run into him.
In the strangest of places at the most unusual times.
Gwyn and I would go off somewhere and "catch up".
It's been a few years since we "caught up".

I'd met Ian off the CB radio and through the computer shop.
During 1995 I needed somewhere to live.
I'd only known Ian for a couple of years at that stage.
Ian was buying a large house in Largs Bay.
But was rarely home.
He had a job as an interstate truck driver.
For a number of reasons and being a generous soul.
He allowed some of his friends to board cheaply at his house.
He told me that he had a spare room if I wanted it.
This offer I gladly took up.

Ian's household was a constantly changing pattern of people and events.
The people who officially lived at Ian's place were:
Ian, Steve,

Devo with a Devious smile

Dave, Simon

Click for a Larger Image - Simon and I on the net at Ian's place.

and Myself (Ron).
Each housemate had their own friends who also visited.
Because I was such an internet addict.
I quickly introduced the internet to Ian's existing network.
Ian owned a few computers connected via ethernet bnc (10base2 coax).
I had bought my Pentium 100 16MB RAM 1GB SCSI HDD SB16 with me.
It had a video capture card with a Video Camera hooked up to it.
So we could do video conferencing.

(Note: The above computer configuration was stolen from Elizabeth Downs in 1997)

Ian's best machine at this time was a 486dx80.
Previously at R&D Computers,
We had upgraded that machine with vesa video and vesa multi i/o.
He also owned a 486dx50 and a 486sx25.
Which were machines generated by upgrading his primary system.
The SX machine was a bit slow at times.
But the DX machines seemed to handle the available software ok.
Our favorite network game was Command and Conquer.
Or Grand Prix.

Ian generously allowed other people who lived in or visited the house
to use his computers in his absence.
The 486's were running Win3.1 and my Pentium was fighting with Win95a. (Grin)
However, with the aid of Wingate, we were all able to surf the net.

4 machines sharing a 14400 modem.. A bit slow.. Those were the days..

One day I met a funny fellow on the CB radio.
This was the famous Empty Bundy.
John to his friends.
Over time John and I have travelled some miles.
(Mostly in Search of the elusive Black Diamond Ash)

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Click on the Image for much more information.
I have dedicated a whole webpage to the exploits of the Empty Bundy!

I did a deal over the CB one night.
Keven aka Zero One on the CB radio became a friend.
Some time later, our mutual computer interests re-initialised our friendship.
He and I have C&C'd until we have heard the moo.

Kevy AKA Zero1 AKA Grim Reaper

Keven stored my 57 Chevy for me for some time.
He has been into CB radio and Motorcycles for many years.
Recently Married to Josie.
Locklan makes three.

And then there was Burger.
What can I say.
CB'er Extroidonaire, Another Legend and Semi Cult figure.
Originally a cohabitator on 27.355 Mhz.
Eventually confined to 477.700 Mhz.

Paul AKA Hamburger

A computer nut. Definate A Grade.
In the words of the prophet "Cum get sum!"
(Eats BBQ Pizza with Dave)

Via Keven and Burger I met Mick.
Mick is a CB'er as well.
The Sixty Niner on the 27 Mhz and the UHF.
Mick has a nice GT Capri.

Mick AKA 69

He loves to create an unusual home brew.
I particularly liked his Sars or Root Beer.

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