The above image is of a HQ Holden (First model in this body style)

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HQ 1971-1974/HJ 1974-1976/HX 1976-1977/HZ 1977-1979
Model Range: Belmont Sedan, Belmont station wagon, Belmont panel van, Belmont utility, Kingswood sedan, Kingswood station wagon, Kingswood utility, SS sedan, Premier sedan, Premier station wagon, Holden chassis and cab, Monaro coupe, Monaro GTS coupe, Monaro GTS 350 coupe, Monaro LS ('Luxury Sports') coupe, Monaro GTS sedan, Statesman sedan and Statesman De-Ville sedan
Price when released: Varied
Engines: 2.84-litre 6-cylinder '173', 3.3-litre 6-cylinder '202' and 4.2-litre V8 '253', 5-litre V8 '308' and 5.74 litre V8 '350'
Transmissions: Three-speed manual gearbox, two 4-speed manual gearboxes, 3-speed Trimatic automatic transmission and 3-speed Turbohydromatic 400 automatic transmission (only with the '350' V8)
Claimed Maximum Power: 101 kW ('202'); 206 kW ('350')
Performance 0-100 km/h: 0-100 km/h: 13.1 seconds ('202'); 9.3 seconds ('350')
Standing 400 metres: 19.6 seconds ('202'); 15.3 seconds ('350')
Total Production: 917,725

HJ Holden was the second model in this body style.

Holden Logo

Click on the GMH logo to go to the Holden website.

HX Holden (above) was the third using this body style.

Finally the HZ Holden.
Fourth and last of this body style.
Final Model of the H series Holden.

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